Gelyber Torres, Oswald Peraza

Oswald Peraza’s shortstop quest was hampered by Anthony Volpe’s staggering late entry during spring training held earlier this year. Volpe ended up being the New York Yankees starting shortstop. But, Peraza went back and forth from minors to majors, whilst injuries affected his overall consistency.

However, heading into the 2024 season, the Yankees are required to clear out the infield logjam. Moreover, rumors have it that prospects like Oswald Peraza could be used as trade chips to land a superstar name. However, Yankee insider Bryan Hoch does not support the narrative as he suggested a different scenario altogether, which places Volpe and Peraza in the same lineup at the same time.


Trading Gleyber Torres Allows Yankees To Field Volpe, Peraza Together!

Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza toss a ball during the Yankees game. via “X” NYY

Hal Steinbrenner quipped earlier that he sees the future of the New York Yankees in Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza. However, due to an infield job jam, the prospect duo have been unable to perform together. Having said that, the situation could change in 2024, as Bryan Hoch of MLB.com suggested an interesting trade scenario. He says that if the Bronx Bombers are serious about pairing up Volpe and Peraza for the foreseeable future, they have to trade Gleyber Torres and vacate second base for Peraza. Hoch claimed that Torres’ arbitration salary could shoot up to $15 million owing to the 2023 resurgence.

Thus, it’s ideal for the Yankees to prioritize youngsters rather than allocating valuable payroll to a depreciating player. Moreover, since Torres is hot, the time is ideal for the Bronx Bombers to trade him and fetch a steal deal in return. All things considered, Hoch’s scenario makes a lot of sense. The Baby Bombers 2.0 is undoubtedly the way forward for the Yanks. They can deliver under pressure and together form a balanced lineup. With enough chances at their helm, the prospects can even lead to a World Series championship, who knows? Regardless, trading Torres to make up space for Oswald Peraza is the right path for the Bombers to follow. Peraza is simply too precious to be used as a trade chip. It would be interesting to see how Hal Steinbrenner approaches Gleyber Torres’ situation in the 2024 off-season.

Gleyber Torres’ Arbitration Projections Go Up The Roof After 2023 Resurgence!

New York Yankees’ Gleyber Torres celebrates his home run against the Detroit Tigers in the seventh inning. Paul Sancya, AP

The New York Yankees will have 17 arbitration-eligible players heading into the 2024 off-season. Needless to say, some would get non-tendered even before free agency kicks in. However, players like Gleyber Torres could be up for an extension owing to the 2023 season resurgence. While the team collapsed, Torres was witnessing one of the best offensive years of his career.

He finished the season with .273, .800 OPS in 158 games and ranked just below Aaron Judge in home run count. Thus, Gleyber Torres’ arbitration salary projections for the 2024 season have gone up from $9.95 to $15.3 million. Now, whether Torres is worth that much money or not is a decision the Yankee’s front office will have to contemplate. Most analysts and fans are against the idea. But the Yankee front office has the capability to pull off vague moves owing to the pressure to solve an offensive crisis.