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The mere mention of a potential Juan Soto trade to the New York Yankees sends shockwaves through the baseball world. Soto, the young and immensely talented outfielder for the San Diego Padres, is widely regarded as one of the game’s brightest stars. He is set on a path to put his contention on future Hall Of Fame lists.

However, the generational star could undergo a team switch this off-season. As much as the Padres would love to extend Soto, the club’s financial woes won’t pave the way. Additionally, the outfielder has a mere one year left on his existing contract. Having said that, to lure the Padres into trading Soto, the Yankees must include these two names to build a lucrative trade offer.


Nestor Cortes, Trey Sweeney Holds Key To Juan Soto Trade!

Nestor Cortes
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Why are the New York Yankees so obsessed with Juan Soto? First and foremost, Soto brings a rare combination of youth, skill, and star power. At just 25 years of age, he has already established himself as one of the premier hitters in the league. His offensive prowess aligns with the Yanks’ tradition of boasting formidable lineups. Additionally, Soto’s left-handed bat could add balance to the Bombers’ predominantly right-handed hitting roster. Defensively, Soto has shown improvement in the outfield, and his arm strength is an asset. While the Yankees traditionally prioritize power arms in the outfield, Soto’s offensive capabilities might offset any defensive considerations. Needless to say, Juan Soto is a perfect fit in the Bronx.

However, convincing the Padres to trade Juan Soto would require bold moves from the Yankees. A right offer with the right pieces holds the key to this blockbuster trade deal. For instance, the Bombers must add LHP Nestor Cortes and rookie shortstop Trey Sweeney to the deal. The Padres need pitching reinforcement, and Cortes happens to be a ready product. He can be directly featured in the rotation from next season onwards. On the other hand, Sweeney remains a top-tier infield prospect of the Yanks’ extensive farm system. If guided well, the infield prospect can attain success in the future. Of course, the Yanks would need to add a couple of more prospects. But these two, in particular, would add significant weight to the exchange deal.

Juan Soto’s New Condition Can Put Off Yankees!

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Meanwhile, rumors have it that trading Juan Soto could be a disastrous move by the New York Yankees owing to a new piece of information that came to light. As per an MLB insider, Soto does not intend to sign an extension contract with the team that trades him this off-season. He would like to explore the free agency market to fetch higher monetary gains.

To those who are unaware, Juan Soto is signed through the 2024 season and will be a free agent shortly after. He is expected to earn $30 million in arbitration from the Padres this off-season. Regardless, if Soto plans on eventually entering free agency, the Yankees must pull the plug. Trading key prospects for just a year of Juan Soto’s services is an unideal move per se.