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EXPLORED: Red Bull Bringing Which F1 Driver Against Max Verstappen Next Year If They Throw Sergio Perez Out?

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has been under a lot of pressure this whole season. He started the season really well. Initially, it seemed Red Bull might have an intense internal rivalry because both Checo and Max Verstappen would fight hard to win the title. After the first four races, the drivers had two Grand Prix wins each. Hence, the fans hoped to see an intense battle between the two Red Bull drivers. But Checo has disappointed everybody since the Miami Grand Prix. He said the car changed since the American Grand Prix.

As per the Mexican driver, he was beginning to understand and adapt to the car until the Miami Grand Prix. But now, since the gap between the two Red Bull drivers is constantly increasing, the media keeps talking even more about who will replace Checo. It cannot be good for the psychology of any driver, let alone Checo, who has been through a lot this year. But what will Red Bull do if suddenly Sergio Perez decides to leave Red Bull or even hang his helmet? Moreover, he has one more year remaining in his contract with Red Bull. So, what will happen in the next season? Let us figure that out!


What Will Red Bull Do If Sergio Perez Leaves At The End Of The Season?

Red Bull Trio: Max Verstappen Daniel Ricciardo (Alpha Tauri Currently) Sergio Perez
Red Bull Trio: Max Verstappen & Daniel Ricciardo (Alpha Tauri Currently), Sergio Perez Source: Sky Sports F1

It looks like Sergio Perez has a good reason to decide to walk away. In that case, the most popular option for Red Bull is to bring Daniel Ricciardo back into the team. There were already speculations regarding the Aussie replacing Perez at the start of the season. That’s what team Red Bull planned from the very beginning. Initially, Ricciardo was part of the team since the start of the 2023 season as the third driver. But the Austrian team moved him to their sister team, Alpha Tauri, replacing Nyck De Vries, in hopes of seeing him get back to the rhythm of driving in F1 again.

At the time, principal Christian Horner and co. mainly wanted to check if Daniel Ricciardo was ready to replace Perez next season. The Aussie had a promising start for Alpha Tauri in 2023 until he broke his hand in the Dutch Grand Prix. If he does not make it to the Red Bull team, either of the two Alpha Tauri drivers, Liam Lawson and Yuki Tsunoda, can move to Red Bull. It is crystal clear that Perez certainly does not fit in Red Bull anymore. Christian Horner himself has stated that they don’t have a pair anymore, unlike their rivals Mercedes and McLaren have a pair each.

Max Verstappen’s Winning Streak Didn’t Make It Easier For Checo

Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull
Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Apparently, Red Bull had that pairing at the beginning of 2023. But as the season progressed, the driver pair dynamic became even more variant. Apparently, Sergio Perez lost his grip on the title since the Monaco Grand Prix. Checo finished at P16 in the Monte Carlo race. Clearly, from then on, there was no stopping Max Verstappen. Moreover, Checo felt the pressure was increasing as Max kept winning race after race. The Dutchman went on to win ten races in a row, breaking Sebastian Vettel’s record of nine wins in a row back in 2013.

This record-breaking streak of Max Verstappen could not have come at a worse time for Sergio Perez. Moreover, the Mexican driver hired a mental coach to gain more self-confidence. But the main concern has been losing the Red Bull seat to another driver. Throughout the season, the media has not made it easier for Sergio Perez.