Lakers Gabe Vincent & D'Angelo Russell

Gabe Vincent had an impressive season in 2022-23 with the Miami Heat. Moreover, the Heat reached the NBA Finals last season. Vincent proved to be a quality player who can play in different positions. In 2022-23, Vincent helped the Jimmy Butler-led side to shock the fans of teams like Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks to win the Eastern Conference. However, like the Los Angeles Lakers in the West, the Heat, too, could not get past the Denver Nuggets to win the title in the Finals. In the offseason, the Lakers signed with Gabe Vincent.

Moreover, the former Miami Heat point guard got to play only for 20 minutes against the Warriors on Saturday. But he was able to score seven points as well as four assists. Moreover, Vincent’s first appearance for the Lakers brought praise from his fellow teammates. For instance, D’Angelo Russell said about himself that he plays better when there is a point guard alongside him. That’s what Gabe Vincent made D’Lo feel as the latter said, the former has a high basketball IQ.


D’Lo Russell Likes To Play Alongside More Point Guards Like Gabe Vincent & Austin Reaves

D'Angelo Russell Lakers
D’Angelo Russell Lakers Source: Hawaii News Now

Moreover, D’Lo mentioned he likes to play at a high IQ level speed. Moreover, Russell mentioned a player like Gabe Vincent can add really high value to any team he plays for. Adding to that, D’Angelo Russell mentioned Gabe is a professional and has a lot of experience, especially coming from a season he had in 2022-23. Moreover, D’Lo Russell mentioned that having multiple ball-handlers helps the offense get more dynamic. Adding to that, D’Lo said when the team doesn’t play more than one point guard, he doesn’t get the ball when he is open that often.

Austin Reaves, along with Russell and Vincent, can play both guard positions. Moreover, Gabe Vincent is pretty flexible in the backcourt. That quality increases the value of Vincent in the team as it can help the LA Lakers franchise this season. Albeit, Gabe Vincent may not have a great resume. But he can play an important role for the Lakers this season. Moreover, Vincent’s experience can be vital for any team fighting for the title. 

Why Did The Lakers Sign The Former Miami Heat Point Guard?

Gabe Vincent Lakers
Gabe Vincent Lakers Source: SBNation

But nobody really expected the Lakers to sign Gabe Vincent in the offseason. Moreover, the Lakers had players like Dennis Schroder and D’Angelo Russell, who played the same role that Darvin Ham would want Vincent to play. Later, Schroder moved from LA to sign with the Toronto Raptors. Now, Vincent will need to fill in for Schroder’s absence. However, rumors suggest that the Lakers signed Gabe Vincent as a replacement choice for D’Angelo Russell.

Albeit, prior to the training camp, the Laker’s head coach made it clear that D’Lo Russell would be in the starting lineup and Vincent would be on the bench. However, Darvin Ham also suggested that the Lakers would tinker with their rotation. Hence, Gabe Vincent might get a chance in the starting lineup later on. Clearly, Vincent knows how to win games and can handle himself playing alongside stars. Recently, in the preseason opener against the Golden State Warriors, Vincent performed pretty well.