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Stephen Curry made the Golden State Warriors a modern-day dynasty that has such a huge fan following today. However, before he joined the franchise, it did not look like a championship-winning team. On the other hand, there were many who doubted the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio. Hence, the Dubs were a perfect team to start his NBA career in hindsight. Both entities were looking to do something new. Later, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green joined the gang, and they had a new coach in, Steve Kerr.

And as people like to call it, the rest is history. Lately, the New Orleans Pelicans blew the Dubs away with a 141-105 victory. On top of that, Stephen Curry had another disappointing night in terms of scoring. The fans wonder what’s wrong with Steph as he had another 15-point game. Lately, a fake news handle shocked the fans as it said the Warriors owner is ready to sell the team and even trade Steph Curry. 


Is Joe Lacob Really Planning To Trade Stephen Curry?

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Not only do the Warriors allow critics to rip them apart when they consistently perform poorly, but they also allow parodies and fake news on social media. Recently, in a parody account of Joe Lacob called @joe_lacob, a fake voice note of the owner was saying he would sell the team or even trade Curry if the situation demands it. Moreover, the “Fake Joe” said it was not his fault that the team has been performing so poorly at present. And he doesn’t want the fans to blame him for a bunch of washed-up and old players. On top of that, he is exploring all sorts of possible solutions at this point.

Anyhow, none of this is true, and it is safe to say the news is absolutely fake. Let’s just say the “Real Joe” has no intention to sell the franchise and their bona fide superstar. No matter what the situation, the Dubs know they can have faith in Stephen Curry. There’s a reason why he’s able to lead the team to four title success. Albeit the top stars have not been in great touch lately, everything’s not lost yet. Even Stephen Curry looked frustrated with his and the team’s horrible outing against the Pelicans. But the Dubs just need to figure out a way to redeem themselves, and they know they can do it.

How The Dubs Became The Modern-Day Dynasty?

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The Warriors went on to change the game forever, especially because of the Splash Brothers. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson took the league by storm with their pinpoint, accurate shooting percentage from beyond the arc. They revolutionized three-point shooting. Moreover, the Splash Brothers helped the GSW win four titles in the next eight years. It was incredible because the last time the Warriors won a title was back in 1975.

Moreover, it took them 40 years to win their fourth title. But the Dub Nation wants to win their eighth title in franchise history this year. It would make their dynasty complete as they would win five in ten years. But the way things are going doesn’t really raise the Dub Nation’s hopes. Currently, they are the 12th seed in the Western Conference with a 17-20 record so far.