D'Angelo Russell

The Los Angeles Lakers are making changes to their basketball team to make it even better this season. They’re asking a big question: Will D’Angelo Russell stay with them for a long time? D’Angelo Russell returned to the Lakers after being away for six years. He came back as a better and more grown-up point guard, thanks to a trade involving Russell Westbrook. He played well in the regular games last season. But in the playoffs, he faced challenges. Despite this, the Lakers had faith in him and gave him a new contract. So, let’s find out if D’Lo can help the Lakers and become their long-term point guard.

Will D’Lo Stay on the Team for More Seasons?

D’Angelo Russell, who recently came back to the Lakers, brought new energy and maturity to his role. After the trade involving Russell Westbrook, he quickly found a good connection with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. During the regular season last year, he looked promising, scoring an average of 17.4 points and making 41.4% of his three-point shots in 17 games after the trade deadline. However, in the playoffs, especially during the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, Russell’s weaknesses in defense became clear. 

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The Nuggets focused on him and limited his effectiveness. This raised questions about his future with the team. Despite these challenges, the Lakers showed confidence in Russell by signing him to a two-year. It’s a $36 million deal, which benefits both sides. Whether he stays with the Lakers in the long term depends on how he performs this season.

How Can D’Angelo Russell Help The Lakers Succeed?

In the best-case scenario, D’Lo needs to be a consistent player on both ends of the court. He is doing well in both the regular season and the playoffs. As the team’s starting point guard, he should maintain his regular-season performance. This means scoring an average of 17 points with a 41.4% three-point shooting rate or even improving upon it. Russell’s skill in shooting and creating scoring chances complements star players like LeBron and Davis. This dynamic makes the Lakers a formidable offensive team with his ability to help others score. The real test is how Russell performs in the playoffs. Can he perform well against the top point guards in the league? Will he show that the Lakers don’t need to look for alternatives during the season?

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As we look ahead to the Lakers’ season, the big question is whether D’Angelo Russell will continue to shine in the purple and gold. Last season, he showed promise in the regular games but faced challenges in the playoffs. The Lakers believe in him, giving him a good contract. In the best-case scenario, D’Lo will be a top player and help the team with scoring and defense. The Lakers hope he’ll stay in Los Angeles for a long time. We’re excited to see how it all unfolds and whether Russell can be the key to the Lakers’ success. Time will tell!