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EXPLORED: Is Red Bull Racing’s RB20 Faster Than RB19?

Red Bull proved they can keep improving every year, even when some may assume they had the best season of all time. For instance, when the Austrian outfit dominated last year, fans and experts felt it couldn’t get better than that. However, this year, the hegemony of Christian Horner’s team went to another level. Last year, the Milton Keynes team won 17 races, with RB18 seeming to be the fastest car.

However, after the 2023 season, there is no doubt that RB19 is by far the fastest F1 car in the last decade. It may well as be the fastest car ever. But who knows what Red Bull has in store for next year? Now, the question remains if RB20 will be faster than RB19. Then, other teams might have a slight chance to compete against the Austrian outfit. 


What Are The Information Available On 2024 Red Bull Car At Present?

Red Bull RB19
Red Bull RB19 Source: Autosport

The next year’s car is the RB20. It will have the No. 1 and No. 11 stickers on them. Moreover, the car will carry the iconic colors of the Red Bull livery. They will announce the launch plans soon. Anyway, the estimated time must be on or before February 21, 2024. Recently, chief Red Bull engineer Paul Monaghan told the media, including RacingNews365, that it is not surprising enough to hear that the 2024 car will be an evolution of the RB19 car. Moreover, Monaghan added that it would be foolish to throw away the concept that produced the RB19 and RB18, which wrestled the two titles from the German team.

But Monaghan knows that must keep progressing. And Red Bull must find lap time. Also, Monaghan can feel that the competition is right on their heel. Hence, when other teams take a step, it asks Red Bull to take even a bigger step. Anyway, as per the laws of diminishing returns, a time will come soon perhaps when Red Bull will hit a development block. That’s when Mercedes and Ferrari might find greater boosts in their performance. 

Can Mercedes Or McLaren Challenge The RB20 Car Next Year?

McLaren MCL60 Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 McLaren MCL60 Source: PlanetF1

Every fan expects the next season to be more competitive. But in 2023, the Austrian team won as many as 21 races. The only race they didn’t win was in Singapore. Ferrari won that Grand Prix. And there was one more race in Emilia Romagna that got canceled due to the Imola flood. Since 2022, the trajectory for Horner’s team has been going up. Hence, theoretically speaking, they should win all races next year. Only if they have a faster car than RB19 and other teams like McLaren and Mercedes fails to deliver yet again.

But McLaren has been the most impressive team in the second half of the season due to their amazing progress. Even Max Verstappen said earlier that he expects to see McLaren more competitive next year. The RB19 car was the inspiration behind the McLaren team’s upgrading process of the MCL60 car. As a result, it showed such impressive progress in the second half. Even then, Red Bull was way faster and more consistent throughout the long 2023 season.