Juan Soto
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Juan Soto is the name currently dominant in the New York sports arena. Ever since the Yankees traded him from the San Diego Padres in a mega seven-player swap, the fans and analysts cannot stop thinking about what the future of the Bombers with Soto in the pinstripes looks like. Well, for starters, let’s not jump the gun and come to terms with the fact that Soto is just a rental piece.

The Padres had him under control till the end of the 2024 season, and the team switch won’t alter those contract terms. Having said that, considering the fact that the Yankees shipped away four major league-ready pitchers for Soto, the front office has all right to hope for the outfielder’s extended stay beyond the 2024 season. But what does Juan Soto actually want?


Juan Soto Yet To Make Up Mind On Extension With Yankees Beyond 2024 Season!

Juan Soto

New York Yankees introduced newly acquired superstar outfielder Juan Soto to the media via virtual Zoom meeting earlier this week. Reporters joined the call and took turns to ask their respective questions. During the same call, Soto was asked to weigh his thoughts on the possibility of signing an extension contract with the Yanks at the end of the 2024 season. Initially, the outfielder shied away and said that his job was to play baseball and not focus on outside things. However, after being pressed enough, the generational talent said that Yanks knew whom and where to call. Scott Boras is his agent, and he will indeed handle those negotiations on his behalf.

Thus, the stance is clear. Juan Soto won’t talk to the Yankees but rather turns to his agent, Boras. He trusts Scott to do the right thing and offer him the best advice. So, at the end of the 2024 season, the decision will fall on to Boras. While Boras has historically advised its top-tier clients to opt for free agency with a view to fetch an expensive contract, the Yanks shouldn’t count themselves out. Hal Steinbrenner has the money, power, and esteemed image to lure Soto. He can even up the stakes if needed to ensure the best interest of the franchise. Ultimately, the 2024 season will set the course straight with respect to Soto’s future in the Bronx. If the outfielder achieves the desired success, he will be awarded with an enormous offer. But if now, Steinbrenner won’t hesitate to allow the star to walk.

MLB Insider Explains How Juan Soto’s Addition Will Boost Aaron Judge’s Run Production!

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Juan Soto’s addition to the New York Yankees hitting lineup would work wonders for the team in many ways. Firstly, Soto’s own run production will allow the team to have the upper hand against the opposition. Secondly, MLB insider Bryan Hoch says that the generational talent’s presence will boost captain Aaron Judge’s confidence.

In an article, Hoch explained that for the longest time, Aaron Judge has been missing a core support in the hitting lineup. With Soto coming in at the third position, Judge can take risks in second, knowing that Soto is there to stabilize things if he miscues. That will, in turn, improve the Yankees’ overall run production.