Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

Aaron Judge won the 2022 AL MVP because he broke the home run record, hitting 62 homers. The Yankees Nation hoped to see the captain repeat the feat in 2023. But that did not happen due to a freak accident that hurt his toe. Eventually, the 2022 AL MVP stayed out for a couple of months, which really hurt his team.

As a result, the New York Yankees could not qualify for the playoffs. It was a tremendous shame because the Yankees failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. However, if Aaron Judge is able to give his best alongside Juan Soto, the NY side might benefit immensely in 2024. Moreover, MLB Insider believes Aaron Judge should try to hit 62+ homers in 2024.


Reporter Bryan Hoch Makes Bold Aaron Judge Prediction

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: NY1

Recently, Bryan Hoch of MLB.com mentioned the Yankees captain might try to break his homer record this year. Moreover, Hoch pointed out the protection that the Judge will get from Juan Soto. On top of that, the MLB insider said it is better to be mindful of any 1960’s style of strong barriers in the outfield. That’s something the Bronx Bombers should enjoy again next season. As a result, Aaron Judge might go on another run for breaking the 62+ home run record. Hoch said Judge will look to eclipse his own AL homer record.

In fact, Judge was in a pretty good touch last year as well. If it was not for the toe injury, the Yankees captain would not have to miss as many as 51 games last season. Aaron Judge hit as many as 37 home runs last season. In the process, he joined Mark McGwire as the only hitter in MLB to hit as many as 37 homers in 106 or fewer games. Despite being on the Injured List for 51 games, Aaron Judge was fourth on the list of the most home run hitters in the AL last season. 

Can Yankees Redeem Themselves In 2024?

Yankees Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: MLB Trade Rumors

Moreover, the 2023 season was one of the worst in the Pinstripe’s history, especially in the last 30 years. It was the absence of Aaron Judge that really cost the team. But why should the captain get all the blame? The Bronx Bombers didn’t have any other superstar slugger in the team. That really put tons of pressure on the captain. However, after a horrible 82-80 record finish in 2023, the front office decided to look for lefty outfielders who are the best in the league. The Yankee stadium really helps left-handed sluggers.

After a long wait, the Yankees managed to land Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres for a year. The Dominican slugger might not represent the Pinstripes next year. But his presence this year should boost the whole team’s outfield. Moreover, it should help Aaron Judge play his natural game and feel a much-reduced pressure. Anyhow, the Yankees are currently going through a worsening pitching situation. Hence, the outfield might feel a bit too much pressure again in 2024.