Gleyber Torres, Yankees
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Gleyber Torres’ struggle at the plate this year has been a cause for concern for the New York Yankees and their fans alike. After a successful year in 2023, the sudden struggle has left the critics confused. Moreover, with the infielder being on his walk year, questions about his ability to bounce back are bound to rise.

Notably, given his heroics in the previous season, Gleyber Torres signed a record $15 million arbitration contract. Given his impending free agency, he was expected to perform way better. That being said, while Torres may have had a slow start to the year, the latest signs suggest that a comeback is just writing on the wall.


Gleyber Torres May Break Free From His Offensive Woes Soon!

Yankees, Gleyber Torres
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After a successful 2023 season, Gleyber Torres has endured a rough patch, struggling to find his form and consistency at the plate this year. However, there are several reasons to believe that Torres can turn things around and regain his previous form for the New York Yankees. Firstly, Torres has shown flashes of his potential in the past. As a two-time All-Star, he has already proven that he has the talent to succeed at the MLB level. Secondly, the second baseman is putting up quality at-bats. He has encountered his fair share of bad luck during flyouts as well. Moreover, Torres has often found himself in high-pressure situations, such as game-defining clutch moments.

As New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone suggested, Gleyber Torres’ comeback is just around the corner. In the face of adversity, Torres has the support of his teammates and coaches. The Yankee organization has shown faith in him by giving him consistent playing time despite his struggles. While he was stripped of the leadoff duties, the slot is open for the second baseman, given he witnessed a surge. In conclusion, while Gleyber Torres’ slow start to the season has been disappointing, there are reasons to remain optimistic about his future. With his talent, track record, support system, mental toughness, and potential adjustments, Torres has the tools to turn things around and become a key contributor to the team once again. It may require patience and perseverance. But Torres has the ability to bounce back and regain his form in due time.

Yankees Skipper Backs Infield Defense Amid Questionable Miscues!

Gleyber Torres, Yankees
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The New York Yankees dropped their first series of the season against Toronto Blue Jays courtesy of inexcusable lapses from infield defense. Anthony Volpe and Gleyber Torres were spotted at the crime scene, which led to criticism. However, irrespective of the miscues, manager Aaron Boone rallied behind his players like he always does.

In the latest conversation with Talkin Yanks podcasters, Aaron Boone stated that the Yankees’ infield defense is still the best in the entire league. While the lapses shouldn’t have happened, the sample size of the error is small to conclude it will be a regular occurrence. Hence, Boone is completely behind his players and would continue to back them throughout the season.

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