Alex Rodriguez has no interest in managing the Yankees. (Mike Ehrmann | Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez, commonly known as A-Rod, joined the New York Yankees in 2004 after a high-profile trade with the Texas Rangers. A-Rod’s tenure with the Yanks spanned 12 seasons, and he became a central figure in the team’s lineup. During his time, the former shortstop won three MVPs and played an integral role in the 2009 World Series championship.

However, the substance abuse charges and subsequently lying about the same to the Yankees leadership soured Rodriguez’s relationship with the franchise. Moreover, it seems the bad blood still persists, as Alex recently spoke against the franchise not honoring him despite his valuable contribution to the organization’s storied history.


Alex Rodriguez Wants His Yankee Jersey Number Retired!

Alex Rodriguez
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A-Rod’s relationship with the Yankees and their fans was a complex one. While he enjoyed tremendous success on the field, his career was marred by a suspension related to performance-enhancing drugs, which cast a shadow over his accomplishments. Despite this, he was able to rehabilitate his image to some extent and earn respect during his final years as a Yankee. However, it proved not to be enough to encourage the franchise to honor Alex’s contributions. Rodriguez, who donned jersey number 13 during his 12 season-long tenure in pinstripes, wants the number retired. “Of course, it would be nice to be recognized in one of the coolest places to be in Yankee history. But that’s not my decision,” said A-Rod.

Alex Rodriguez further pointed out that maybe his candid nature is working against him. The former Yankee often criticizes his former organization whenever the team performs poorly. However, A-Rod, who works for Fox Sports and ESPN, believes he is getting paid to tell the truth. Thus, he will say whatever he feels is right, irrespective of its impact on his relationship with Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner. “I’m going to tell you exactly as I see it and not sugarcoat it because I want my number retired. If it’s not retired, so be it,” said Rodriguez. Alex further clarified that he has nothing against the Bronx Bombers. He is, in fact, the team’s biggest fan and wants them to do well to win a championship. But currently, he feels whatever the team’s trying to do is working against them.

A-Rod Upset Over His Jersey Number Assigned To Yankees Flop!

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Alex Rodriguez’s frustration rose from the fact that the Yankees assigned his jersey number 13 to the franchise’s biggest flop, Joey Gallo, in 2021. The Bombers had not issued A-Rod’s number to anyone until Gallo arrived at the club in 2021. He asked for number 13 since he had been donning the same number with Rangers. Joey ended up donning the numbers throughout his painful stay in the Bronx.

Thus, Alex Rodriguez remains upset about the fact that his jersey number was associated with a flop like Joey Gallo. However, it’s important to note that since Gallo exited the club, number 13 hasn’t been issued to anyone. Even in 2023, no player or support staff, for that matter, was allowed to wear number 13 on the field. It would be interesting to see what the Yanks decide to do with A-Rod’s beloved jersey number in the future.