Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: Forbes

The New York Yankees had produced great stars of MLB over the years. In 2023, Anthony Volpe made an impressive debut in his rookie season. He raised hopes for the Yankees fans during a not-so-great season. Moreover, at present, if there is one reason the Bronx Bombers should feel optimistic, it is seeing the rise of the rookie Anthony Volpe. Not only the die-hard Yankees fans appreciate the performance of Volpe in his rookie season. But the MLB and Rawlings announced on Wednesday that the 22-year-old shortstop is one of the three finalists for the Golden Glove 2023.

Moreover, Anthony Volpe became the first Yankee rookie to join the 20-20 club. On top of that, the Captain Aaron Judge heaped praise on the 22-year-old rookie shortstop on a number of occasions. Lately, Judge said Volpe impressed him after the way Volpe handled the ups and downs of his rookie season. There have been so many ups regarding Volpe’s rookie year. But the most concerning low of his rookie season was his batting average. Aaron Judge mentioned that even he knows where he is lacking.


What Has Been The Biggest Low For Anthony Volpe In His Rookie Season?

Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Anthony Volpe was only hitting .209 in his rookie season with the Yankees. However, the Captain has faith in the 22-year-old shortstop. Aaron Judge mentioned that Volpe is not happy about his average either. But the rookie will come back with a bang next year. After all, it was just his first season. Hence, he’s just beginning to develop into a quality player for the Yankees. Sean Casey, the hitting coach, also agreed with Judge, saying there are more in the tank from Anthony Volpe. Casey believes Volpe should be hitting around .270-.280. For that, the slugger might run into 25 homers.

The Yankees hitting coach also mentioned Volpe should be a 35-40 doubles guy. He thinks the 22-year-old rookie is definitely not a slugger who hits .210. He is so much better than that. Moreover, the Yankees trust Volpe to grow and learn with time. In time, his game plan will change and will get better. In 2023, the only good thing, perhaps for the Yankees, was that Anthony Volpe got to play 159 games, gaining a lot of experience. As much as the kid can learn, it will only help him and his team in the following seasons. 

Yankees Had A Season Not Worthy To Remember

Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone Source: Bleeding Yankee Blue

Sadly, the NY side failed to make the postseason. Hence, it has been one of the worst seasons of the Bronx Bombers’ history. In fact, they managed to have a winning season in the end, finishing with 82 wins. It is a tremendous shame for the 27-time World Series champions. Since 2016, it has been the first time that the Yankees failed to make the playoffs.

Anyway, under Aaron Boone, the NY side has not reached very far in any season. But not making the postseason is unthinkable. Generally, fans expect the Yankees to dominate the AL East. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers have faced enough injury concerns in recent times. These injuries have cost the side dearly. They would really want to redeem themselves in the following seasons.