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This season, the New York Yankees are expected to go full aggressive during the trade deadline on August 1. The team’s World Series dreams are shattering piece by piece every single day as they miss their captain, Aaron Judge, dearly. Hence, they need someone potent enough to replace Judge in the lineup, and there is only one candidate in MLB who is a perfect fit for the role, Shohei Ohtani.

Los Angeles Angles star two-way player, Shohei Ohtani, is one of the best players in MLB right now. He is set to enter free agency next season, where his market value is likely to soar around $600 million. While Angles are still in contention for playoffs, they would rather give away Ohtani via trade than lose him in free agency for nothing. Hence, for the Yankees, it’s a perfect opportunity to pounce on.


Yankees Must Empty Farm System To Land Shohei Ohtani During Trade

Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani
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Over the years, the New York Yankees have constructed a strong farm system to secure the future of the organization. However, right now, they must devote their focus to the present situation. The present reality disallows them to compete for the world series title with the current roster. Hence, with the trade deadline approaching, the Yankees must move swiftly and chalk up a good offer to land Shohei Ohtani from the Angels. With Aaron Judge on IL for an undefined period, the team needs Ohtani to fill up his role. But landing a potent player like Ohtani will cost the Bombers their much-regarded farm system.

A perfect deal that the Yankees can offer Angles would be giving away top prospects Everson Pereira, Elijah Dunham, and Will Warren in exchange for Ohtani. It might look like an unfair deal to some, but considering that Ohtani might leave at the end of the season, this is the best the Bombers can offer. Pereira remains a number 4 prospect, whereas Dunham will add to Angle’s outfield depth. Warren is also a strong arm to add to the bullpen. For Angles, this is a practical deal. They will most likely be unable to match Ohtani’s market value. Hence, if he enters the free agent market, the Angles would gain nothing. With this trade, they will at least have some future prospects who would carry on the team’s legacy. Hence, this deal is a fair one for both sides. And if this goes through, we could witness Shohei Ohtani donning the pinstripes, which will be a sight to behold for the fans.

Washington Nationals OF Lane Thomas Linked To Bombers

Lane Thomas
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The New York Yankees outfield needs a boost right now. Since Aaron Judge landed in IL, the depth has ceased to exist. In order to salvage the situation from worsening, the team must make swift moves during the trade deadline. One name linked to the Yankees is Washington Nationals outfielder Lane Thomas.

Lane Thomas has gained some form this season as his average is lingering around .300. While he is not necessarily a consistent batter, the Yankees can control his movements for the next two years. If he does not perform this season, the team can use him as a trade chip in the future. Moreover, landing the outfielder will cost nothing significant, which makes him a high-value, low-risk trade.