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Derek Jeter speaks to the crowd as the Yankees honor is induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The New York Yankees can really rely on Aaron Judge for leading them to a successful season. Despite how the last season turned out, which was a tremendous shame, the Bronx Bombers can always bank on their captain. They always had the privilege of a dependable captain. Besides their captains, the original Evil Empire always had the biggest stars in baseball, from Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle, and then there were so many. But in the last two or three decades, the NY side had been lucky to have great captains like Derek Jeter and Aaron Judge. Only time can tell if the 2022 AL MVP winner can win as many World Series titles for the Yankees as Derek “The Captain” Jeter.

Moreover, the Bronx Bombers won their last World Series in 2009. Back then, they had their last Dynasty with Jeter as their leader. It has been a long time, but the Yankees Nation is eagerly waiting for another championship. However, last season didn’t raise much hope. But they have been working hard to make things right this winter. No matter what happens, they can always be sure to have a great face for their franchise. Recently, former Mets GM talked about the greatness of Jeter and Judge. 


Former Mets GM Feels Yankees Know How To Build Franchise Stars

Derek Judge
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Recently, in an interview with Essentially Sports’ Abhay Agarwal, Steve Phillips mentioned the Yankees have always been able to find the most recognizable face as their leader of the team. In fact, the Bronx Bombers have been pretty good at finding the face of their franchise. The former Mets GM finds Derek Jeter as the name that screams louder than others as “NY Yankees.” Phillips kind of grudgingly admires Jeter, saying he was such a winner but a nemesis to his team. Adding to that, Steve mentioned Jeter would always beat his Mets team and come up with a hit.

He would make the defensive play, steal bases, and score runs. But speaking about Aaron Judge, Phillips feels the torch of the Yankees leader has been passed to a worthy successor. The former Mets GM said in that interview that Judge is of the same character as Derek Jeter. Moreover, Philips feels Aaron Judge is pretty special and a unique guy. On top of that, Steve Phillips remembered Judge to be very kind and polite to him on one occasion. He said Judge is a great representative of the franchise, just like Jeter was. 

Can Aaron Judge Replicate The Dynastic Rule Of Derek Jeter?

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The 2022 AL MVP winner can be a fine gentleman like his predecessor, but can he achieve the same greatness? Jeter won five World Series titles. As of now, Judge has not won any. But the current Yankees rotation looks good. They look very strong in terms of their outfield now.

After the last season, that’s where they had a big weakness. They had the second-worst batting average in 2023, only better than the Oakland Athletics. But now, with Juan Soto and Aaron Judge in the same lineup, they look to go well beyond the regular season in 2024.