Gleyber Torres
Gleyber Torres’ first half of the season was filled with mistakes, errors and blunders, casting a shadow on a respectable performance on offense.AP

The New York Yankees have kicked off 2024 season preparations with spring training on Wednesday. The front office worked well this off-season to stack up a formidable roster. Therefore, the Bronx Bombers are counting themselves as perennial contenders for the World Series championship in 2024.

Having said that, the New York Yankees have a crucial off-season coming up after the end of the 2024 MLB season. This year, a lot of key players are entering walk year and will hit free agency by the end of the season. Moreover, owing to financial constraints, the team will likely have to make some bold decisions and set up a priority list.


Yankees Likely To Chose Juan Soto Over Gleyber Torres Next Off-Season!

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: Deadspin

The New York Yankees find themselves at a crossroads with infielder Gleyber Torres as they navigate the complexities of their roster heading into the 2024 MLB season. Despite once being hailed as a rising star and a cornerstone of the Yanks’ future, Torres now faces an uncertain future in pinstripes. His role on the team was potentially jeopardized by the emergence of other talented players, including outfielder Juan Soto. Both Torres and Soto will likely become free agents by the end of the 2024 season. Torres has been with the team for a while now. Despite a couple of lackluster seasons, the infielder came alive with the bat in 2023. Accordingly, he earned a $15 million record salary in arbitration earlier this off-season.

However, Gleyber will likely lose his spot to Juan Soto next off-season. Juan Soto was traded to the New York Yankees on a one-year rental. He is expected to enter free agency, wherein his market value could soar by $500 million. Thus, practically, it’s impossible for the Bronx Bombers to retain both players next off-season. Needless to say, considering Soto’s firepower, age factor, and impeccable talent, the Bombers will prioritize his extension over Torres. Ultimately, the fate of Gleyber Torres hangs in the balance as the Yankees weigh their options and plot their course for the 2025 season and beyond. Whether he remains in pinstripes or finds himself wearing a different uniform, Torres’ future will be closely watched by fans and analysts, and the Yanks seek to build a championship-caliber roster.

Juan Soto Gearing Up For Debut Season In Pinstripes!

NY Post

As Juan Soto prepares for his debut season with the New York Yankees, anticipation among fans and analysts is palpable. The 23-year-old outfielder, known for his exceptional hitting prowess and defensive skills, brings a wealth of talent and promise to the storied franchise.

With Soto joining the Yankees, expectations are high for a team that perennially competes for championships. His addition adds depth and potency to an already formidable lineup, and fans are eager to see how he will contribute to the team’s success in the upcoming season. As he dons the iconic pinstripes, all eyes will be on Juan Soto as he embarks on this new chapter of his career in the Big Apple.

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