Lewis Hamilton Christian Horner
Lewis Hamilton Christian Horner Source: Sky Sports

Sir Lewis Hamilton cannot be totally happy after seeing the gap between Mercedes and Red Bull. Moreover, he remains winless for a long time. If Hamilton doesn’t win in the next two races, it will be exactly two years that the seven-time champion stayed winless. But after the poor performance of the Silver Arrows in the 2023 Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said Red Bull will keep winning for the next two years as well.

It is because he believes they are way too fast. And Mercedes has not come up with a solution to catch up with their rivals yet. Red Bull has already won the constructor’s title. But Mercedes is trying to finish at P2. However, Ferrari is not too far behind at present. The Italian team is only 22 points away. Amid Red Bull’s one-sided dominance, their boss has pointed out that Hamilton is the one person who should not comp2lain about them dominating for two years. On top of that, Christian Horner claims that Hamilton has a “Selective Memory.” But why? Let us find that out!


Why Does Christian Horner Think Lewis Hamilton Has “Selective Memory”?

Christian Horner Lewis Hamilton
Christian Horner Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

During an interview with the “Eff Won With DRS” podcast, Christian Horner said the Mercedes’s dominance in the turbo-hybrid era was obscene. The Red Bull boss acknowledges the fact that they are having a good run for a couple of years. However, he thinks if there’s one person who should not say, then that is Lewis Hamilton. It is because Hamilton won six titles in the turbo-hybrid era from 2014 to 2021. He had won a championship before in 2008.

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is the joint most successful F1 driver in terms of championships, along with Michael Schumacher. On top of that, he has won the most races than any driver in the history of F1 Motorsport. In fact, he’s the only driver to win more than 100 Grand Prix in Formula One. But at present, the most successful driver has been winless for a couple of years. All he can do is just stay optimistic as far he’s concerned. According to Lewis Hamilton, there is no stopping Red Bull for another couple of years.

Mercedes Star Trying To Stay Positive Despite Facing Hardships

Lewis Hamilton
2PFT2K4 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 18th Mar, 2023. #44 Lewis Hamilton (GBR, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team), F1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Corniche Circuit on March 18, 2023 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Photo by HIGH TWO) Credit: dpa/Alamy Live News

The last time the British driver was on the top of the podium was back in Saudi Arabia in 2021. It has been mostly because of the car that has caused the most problems for the drivers. Last season was an epic failure for the German team because of the porpoising issue. This year, the Brackley team reduced the trouble with bouncing but could not fix it entirely yet. Anyway, Mercedes has more trouble with the downforce that really let them down this year.

Lewis Hamilton mentioned the car’s trouble with different downforce several times. Anyway, he tries to be positive as much as possible. He is counting the days until he has to drive the W14 car for the last time. He expects the Mercedes engineers to go through a brilliant and extensive six-month development process to come up with a car that can help him catch up with Red Bull.