Mike Dunleavy Jr. Warriors
Mike Dunleavy Jr. Warriors Source: ABC7 News

The Golden State Warriors is looking for some significant changes before the trade deadline. They had an awful start to the current season. Moreover, the Big 3 of the team has been a big let down this season so far. It started with Draymond Green’s back-to-back suspensions for long periods. At first, Green received a five-game suspension. Later, when he returned, the Dubs did not get much help from the big man. Instead, one of Green’s mistake cost his team a game. Later, he was part of another foul that saw him receive his second suspension which was of 16 games. Dray Green’s absence really had a big impact on the defense of the Warriors.

But the Splash Brothers have been very inconsistent this season. Although Steph Curry has been trying his best to win games for the side, he had a few low-scoring games that cost the team deeply. On the other hand, Klay Thompson had a poor start this season with his shooting skills. That’s the reason why the Dubs are 18-22. To get themselves out of this situation, the Warriors plan to bring reinforcements ahead of the February trade deadline. Perhaps they offered Pascal Siakam a deal, but the player refused. 


Why Did Pascal Siakam Refuse Warriors?

Pascal Siakam Pacers
Pascal Siakam Pacers Source: Sports Illustrated

Recently, The Athletic’s Sam Amick reported that the Golden State Warriors showed interest in Pascal Siakam. But Sam doesn’t think Siakam had any interest in joining the Dubs past this season. He had no intention to re-sign with the GSW franchise past this season, as they traded him to the Indiana Pacers. It would have raised a lot of concerns for Siakam to sign with the seven-time champions. Most importantly, due to Draymond Green, there is no place for him in the frontcourt position. After all, Green and Siakam play in the same position. Moreover, Siakam had no interest in shifting from power forward to center position.

And chances of getting the forward position ahead of Green are slim for Pascal. On top of that, the Warriors are in deep crisis at present with long-term salaries because they are deep into the luxury tax. Moreover, the Warriors would ask Pascal Siakam for some discount to make their cap space easier. Clearly, it seems like the end of the Warriors Dynasty because a lot of players have turned down offers to play for the franchise. On top of that, Pascal Siakam’s agent said he was looking for a long-term future with the Indiana Pacers. 

Siakam Might Want To Extend His Contract With The Pacers

Pascal Siakam Raptors
Pascal Siakam Raptors Source: Sportsnet

Pascal Siakam might eye a long future in Indiana playing for the Pacers. Why? First of all, the Pacers sure look to believe in Siakam’s skill level and what he brings to the table. Moreover, he is a perfect fit alongside the excellent point guard Tyrese Haliburton.

On top of that, it is highly unlikely that any team in the league would be able to offer Siakam the role that the Pacers are offering him. Moreover, the Pacers sure look like a contender for the playoffs. And if age does not become a big issue, then Siakam can really shine with the Pacers and be worth his value after the extension over the summer. 

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