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EXPLAINED: Why New York Yankees Released Josh Donaldson After Less Than Two Seasons?

Clearly, the New York Yankees are not having a season to remember. They are on the verge of missing out on the playoffs since 2016. Moreover, the 2023 season has been one of the worst for the Bronx Bombers ever. Literally, they are the last team in the AL East Standings. They have not won the previous nine series. Moreover, the 27-time champions must attempt to break the deadlock. However, the Bronx Bombers have so many injury issues. The seasons are obviously very strenuous, with 162 games.

Very few players of the Yankees this season have managed to play over 100 games like their star Aaron Judge. If the Yankees missing key players due to injuries was not enough, then they are also releasing some players from their roster. According to ESPN, the New York Yankees released former AL MVP Josh Donaldson on Tuesday. He had a pretty disappointing couple of seasons.


Yankees Let Josh Donaldson Go After Less Than Even A Couple Of Seasons

Josh Donaldson Yankees
Josh Donaldson Yankees Source: FanSided

The Bronx Bombers are also preparing to release an outfielder. As per ESPN sources, on Tuesday, the Yankees placed Harrison Bader on waivers. Moreover, the Yankees bought Josh Donaldson from the Minnesota Twins in March 2022. Currently, Donaldson is 37 years old. According to the contract between the Yankees and Donaldson, he would get $21 million in 2022 and 2023, along with $8 million in 2024 with a buyout option. However, there is still $50 million remaining in his final couple of years as per the contract. The Yankees thought he would strengthen the offense and bring stability to the third base option.

But the three-time All-Star could not live up to the expectations. He had a tough 2022 season when he managed only a slash line of .222/.308/.374. However, in the current season, Josh Donaldson faced numerous injuries. Over 33 games, he managed to hit only 10 home runs and score .142/.225/.434. From April 5 to June 2, Donaldson missed game time due to straining right hamstring. Later, in mid-July, Donaldson strained his calf. Hence, the Yankees had to place him on the 60-day injured list. As a result, he missed most of the games this season.

It’s Might Be Best For Donaldson To Look For Other Teams

Josh Donaldson Yankees
Josh Donaldson Yankees Source: Yahoo Sports

Currently, Josh Donaldson looks healthy and is getting ready to come back. But the Yankees released him to give him a chance to find a team that will give him more game time. As per schedule, Donaldson will clear the waivers on Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET. Moreover, if he stays on the roster till Friday, he will be eligible for the postseason. Currently, the NY side is facing the Detroit Tigers.

The Tigers have a worse win record this season. Hence, the Bronx Bombers have an excellent chance to win a series after a long time. Moreover, the Yankees have won the first two games of the four-match series against the Detroit Tigers. Hence, Aaron Boone’s side must be desperate to close the series successfully. Even if the Yankees manage to win this series, their chances of making the playoffs look next to none.