After getting rejected by defending AL CY Young pitcher Blake Snell, the New York Yankees reportedly agreed to a two-year $37 million contract with former Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman. Snell reportedly asked for a $270 million deal, which was deemed ridiculous by the Yankee front office and rightly so.

Thus, the New York Yankees pivoted to Marcus Stroman to apparently agree to a two-year deal with a third-year vesting option. However, not everybody is celebrating the signing, at least those who are well-versed in Stroman’s troubling history. Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 season, a WFAN Radio host advised Yankee fans to refrain from poking Stroman on social media.


Shaun Morash Fears Yankee Fans Bringing Out The Worst In Marcus Stroman!

Marcus Stroman
The Mets’ Marcus Stroman, who hasn’t pitched this season due to a torn calf muscle, has decided opt out of the 2020 campaign due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Right-handed pitcher Marcus Stroman was not on good terms with New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. A social media war broke out when Stroman got offended after Cashman called him a less impactful pitcher. He called out the Yanks’ underperforming pitching department and took brutal shots at Cashman. However, this off-season, the two parties buried the hatches to join forces. However, the threat is nowhere close to being over. WFAN Radio host Shaun Morash fears the passionate yet brutal Yankee base is going to bring out the worst side of Stroman. He added that the pitcher does not take criticism that well. Thus, if he sees his home fans booing him on social media, Marcus is bound to spiral.

Thus, Shaun Morash suggested a solution and asked Yankee fans to block Marcus Stroman on every social media platform to ensure that he did not see any criticism whatsoever. “Don’t let Marcus Stroman see any of your criticisms. By doing that, I think we limit the chance of Marcus Stroman becoming a distraction,” Morash said. Needless to say, the pitcher is expressive and loud when it comes to his on-field demeanor. Moreover, the Yankee fans are famous for being brutal following a bad loss. Thus, the chemistry isn’t going to work, fears the radio host. However, the pitcher is not naive and knows what he is signing up for. He has to control his emotional outbursts if he intends to succeed in the Bronx. Frankly, soaking pressure is the only route to success in pinstripes.

Tiki Barber Lauds Yankees ‘Successful’ Off-Season!

Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone

In other news, WFAN Radio host Tiki Barber has deemed the New York Yankees off-season as a successful campaign. “The Yanks trading for Juan Soto and signing a middle-of-the-rotation starter, what else can you ask for?” said Barber in his segment. He feels the franchise has all grounds covered before they head into spring training grind.

Of course, some analysts believe the New York Yankees could use an extra arm. However, considering the current dynamics of the free agent market, the Bronx Bombers managed to pull off a decent job per se with Marcus Stroman. Also, reportedly, Stroman lowered his market value to join forces in the Bronx. Thus, that will go down as another steal in NYY’s books.