Brad Ausmus Yankees
Brad Ausmus Yankees Source: ESPN

The New York Yankees are planning to make significant changes this offseason. These changes are in relation to not just the roster but to the coaching staff as well. For instance, very early in the season, the news came to light that the Bronx Bombers had been looking for a new hitting coach. Sean Casey won’t return as their hitting coach anymore. Anyway, in the last few seasons, the batting average of the NY side had not been quite impressive. Moreover, in 2023, Aaron Boone’s side had the second-worst batting average.

Only the Oakland Athletics was the worst last season. Hence, the Yankees need help in their offense. And that’s why they have been looking for certain players who can help them bolster their bullpen. But taking care of the roster is not enough for any franchise, let alone the Bronx Bombers. Hence, new changes are coming up on the coaching front as well. The Yankees will have not only a new hitting coach but also a new bench coach for the next season.


Brad Ausmus Will Replace Carlos Mendoza As The Yankees New Bench Coach

Brad Ausmus Yankees
Brad Ausmus Yankees Source:

Carlos Mendoza has been the bench coach for Aaron Boone’s side for the last four seasons. On November 13, he left the Yankees to become the new manager of the New York Mets. Hence, the search for a new bench coach was very crucial. Later, the 27-time champions needed to take care of that important thing while planning significant changes in the roster. Anyhow, the Yankees finally found the person they were looking for. As per the New York Post, on Tuesday, the franchise announced that they hired Brad Ausmus as their new bench coach. Ausmus will replace Mendoza. How compatible Ausmus will be with the players is something only time can answer.

Mendoza has been playing that role for the last four seasons. Moreover, Brad Ausmus has a pretty good managerial experience. He has been with the Detroit Tigers, the Los Angeles Angels, and the Oakland Athletics. With the Tigers, Ausmus has been from 2014 to 2017. In his first season with the Tigers, Ausmus won the AL Central 90-72. Later, Baltimore got the better of Detroit in a Division series. Last year, Brad Ausmus was the bench coach for the Oakland Athletic’s Bob Melvin, the manager. On the other hand, Aaron Boone will have Brad as the third bench coach in his tenure with the Yankees. The first bench coach Boone had was Josh Bard in 2018-19.

Brief History Of Ausmus In MLB

Brad Ausmus Yankees
Brad Ausmus Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Anyhow, Brad Ausmus has been playing professional baseball for a long time. In fact, the 54-year-old bench coach’s career began with the Yankees back in 1987. Moreover, the NY side selected Brad in the 1987 amateur draft’s 48th round. According to ESPN, Brad Ausmus was in the minor leagues when he graduated from Dartmouth College. Later, ahead of the 1993 season, Colorado took him in the expansion draft.

But then they traded Ausmus to San Diego, where he made his MLB debut on July 28, 1993. The new Yankees bench coach played in the major league for 18 seasons and was part of the Padres, Detroit Tigers, and Houston. He hit .251 with 80 home runs and 607 RBIs. Anyhow, as a manager, he has a 386-422 record.