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The New York Yankees had a terrible 2023 season. Clearly, they didn’t have balance in their rotation. Moreover, the 2023 season ended on a very dark note. However, after Juan Soto came in, the fans can see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Moreover, it is indeed true that the Yankees have successfully built a solid outfield this winter. With Aaron Judge and Juan Soto in the lineup, the Bronx Bombers have a high chance to make the postseason in 2024.

Perhaps they can even go a little further and closer to the “Big Dance.” On top of that, the Yankee stadium is perfect for the Dominican superstar to hit home runs for fun. But the Yankees must find an important fit to the puzzle. They really need to land a quality starting pitcher alongside Gerrit Cole. If the Yankees are able to sign someone like Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, or Dylan Cease, they will have the best balance in all AL teams.


MLB Scout Recently Ranked All AL Teams In Terms Of Their Rotation Stack Up

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On Tuesday, the scout had a 45-minute phone interview with NJ Advance Media regarding the rotation depth charts for all AL teams. After the trades so far this offseason, the MLB scout ranked the Seattle Mariners on top of the chart of 15 teams. As per the scout, on paper, the Mariners have the best team in the league. They have strike throwers who consistently stick with their strength. Then comes the Yankees, who need a bona fide arm this winter. If they get one, then they have a great rotation with Gerrit Cole on top. Moreover, the scout thinks Cole is finding it more comfortable in New York than what he did in Houston. Cole’s pitching has really improved and climbed up the ladder.

However, the key pitcher for the Yankees will be Carlos Rodon. He must be consistent enough. Moreover, Rodon’s form will determine the look of the depth of the rotation. On top of that, the scout believes Nestor Cortes will be very crucial in the team’s depth. If he’s healthy, then Nestor can throw from different slots, change his speed, and also pitch in the strike zones well. Then there’s, of course, Clarke Schmidt, who really impressed the MLB scout. Anyway, after the Mariners and Yankees, there were the Astros, Blue Jays, and Orioles, who got top ranks from the scout. 

How Juan Soto Changed Things For Yankees In The Offseason?

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Most importantly, the NY side did not have a strong offense. They relied too much on the captain. But Aaron Judge sustained a severe toe injury in a freak accident. That accident led the captain to miss almost 35 games in a row. It was a heavy blow to the team’s prospects in the season. In the end, the Bronx Bombers could not qualify for the postseason. They missed it for the first time since 2016.

Other than the captain’s absence, there was a too-long Injured List of the Yankees, which was very concerning. Hence, the team decided to make significant changes this winter. Finally, they landed the big fish from the San Diego Padres. The addition of Juan Soto really changed the mood of the organization and its fans this winter.