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Uzma Fatima

EXPLAINED: Why Is Red Bull So FAST Than The Rest Of The Rival Formula One Teams?

Red Bull for the win! Each tongue speaks in favor of the team as they post the strongest car on the grid since 2022. This is the third year when Max Verstappen is the best driver for the title contention. The RB19, Red Bull’s latest creation, which has the same looks as the RB18, performs so fast that even the rival, Lewis Hamilton, had to admit it. He said, “Red Bull is the fastest car I have ever seen. Even Mercedes was not this fast when only they were fast.”

Both the races held so far were completely dominated by team Red Bull. They successfully managed to achieve a one-two victory in the season opener, Bahrain Grand Prix, and also at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. But the question is, HOW? How is RB19 so fast? How is the team so far from the rest in all the races?


There is one factor responsible for the great comeback of Red Bull. Helmut Marko, the chief advisor of the team, explains it.

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Red Bull Tyres Image Source: The Race

The one factor that differentiates Red Bull from others is the choice of “TYRES.” The Milton Keynes-based team has superior tyres, that no one has or maybe ever had. Speaking with Sky Sports, Helmut Marko has admitted the fact that Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, no doubt, have made progress from where they were in 2022. Mercedes was dealing with porpoising issues last year with the W13. Ferrari lost power units, and Aston Martin was found somewhere at the back, barely making points. But this year, Mercedes has moved on with their bouncing problems. Ferrari brought the highest horsepower unit, and Aston Martin is back to PODIUMS! Incredible!

Red Bull Is One Second Quicker No Matter What The Rivals Do

But, but, but, in front of RED BULL, no team is strong enough. “We were a second quicker as compared to others at times,” revealed Helmut about the 2022 constructors champion team. And the reason why the team is so strong is “the fact that they have the best tyres” admitted the chief advisor of the team.

Given this, and given what the Mercedes principal, Toto Wolff, said about Mercedes, fans are able to figure out one thing. By no means is Mercedes ever going to match the level of Red Bull anytime soon. Besides, a media report too, suggests that the Silver Arrows is at least 12 months of development behind Max Verstappen’s team. With each step the team takes in the name of upgrades, the reigning champion team moves with a better step. So the gaps remain in existence.

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Team Red Bull

When Toto Wolff was asked about the gap Mercedes unwillingly is maintaining with the rival, he said, “It is not realistic if we say we can look after it.” Not only was the Mercedes boss looking at the unbeatable performances of the Austrian Racing team, but Alpine’s boss Alan Permane also emerged to claim bold things about the team. He can see that no team is “getting close to Red Bull this year” the second lap is in their hand, as he believed.