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Juan Soto has started the 2024 season with the New York Yankees brilliantly. He has been the biggest addition to the NY side in the offseason ahead of the current ongoing season. The Bronx Bombers were in desperate need of a lefty slugger, and who’s better than the Dominican superstar? He has such an impressive resume that makes many fans and experts call him a future Hall of Famer. And why not? He has already established himself as arguably the best hitter in the game. Moreover, he has been a three-time All-Star, a four-time Silver Slugger Award winner, and a 2020 batting champion.

 On top of all those things, Juan Soto has won a World Series as well. He won the “Big Dance” with his former team, the Washington Nationals, back in 2019. It seemed like the Dominican would never leave the Nationals. He started his career with them in 2018. But then, in 2022, he turned down a 15-year contract offer worth $440 million from the Nationals. Now, in 2024, he will be a free agent again after the season is over. Going back to Washington seems unlikely for Soto, doesn’t it?


Will Juan Soto Go Back To The Nationals In The 2024 Offseason?

Juan Soto, Pete Alonso

Since Soto joined the NY Yankees last December, he became a fan favorite in the Bronx. Several fans believe he is a perfect fit alongside Aaron Judge. Moreover, the start of the 2024 season has turned out to look like that. He has hit eight home runs, and his average has been above .300. Clearly, the Soto-Judge duo complements each other very well. However, lately, the Dominican superstar mentioned that one month after the start of the season is not enough time to come to a decision about signing a long-term deal. Recently, MLB Analyst Steve Phillips and ex-baseball player Harold Reynolds discussed Juan Soto’s MLB future at the show MLB Now. According to Reynolds, a lot of people might think Soto’s future lies with his former franchise, where it all began. 

But the former baseball player does not think Juan Soto is a fit for the Nationals roster anymore. There are a lot of young players on the Washington team who are starting to take off. But Reynolds says Soto is not going back. The former baseball player pointed out the massive contract Soto previously turned down. There’s no going back from turning down a $440 million deal. Moreover, Reynolds thinks the city where he is currently staying is perfect for him. The former baseball player added that Juan Soto can sign with either the New York Mets or his current team for a long-term deal. Reynold said the three-time All-Star is going either on one side of New York but not going back to Washington.

Steve Phillips Doesn’t Agree With Reynolds

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MLB Analyst Steve Phillips strongly feels the Nationals have a chance to land Juan Soto again. He agrees that the Dominican slugger is fitting well with the Yankees. However, Phillips suggests he is still a good fit for the Washington Nationals. But Phillips knows that the $700 million deal of Shohei Ohtani in 2023 changed everything.

Hence, the MLB Analyst mentioned that the Nationals might have to offer Juan Soto a little more than $450 million this time. Previously, Soto turned down the $440 million contract offer from the Nationals because of heavy backloads and low average annual salary. Now, the Yankees Faithful will be eagerly waiting to see what Juan Soto and his agent Scott Boras will decide. 

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