Christian Wood Lakers
Christian Wood Lakers Source: Andscape

The Los Angeles Lakers needed Christian Wood because Anthony Davis asked for someone like him. Most importantly, in the offseason, the front office signed an extension with Anthony Davis. The LA side wanted AD to take up more responsibility as their leader. Moreover, the eight-time All-Star was ready to take on the challenge but on one condition. He was not eager to play a lot in the center. Hence, Anthony Davis asked the front office if they could get a player who plays at the center. Moreover, a center who can take some load off the eight-time All-Star.

Later, the Lakers took some time but eventually signed Christian Wood. Anyway, Wood later said it was his dream to play for the LA side. Moreover, Christian Wood last played for the Dallas side before joining the LA side. Hence, there is hardly any doubt regarding Wood’s wish to play a big part in Wednesday’s game. Christian Wood wanted to even things out with his former franchise. Initially, Wood was about to get a lucrative extension with the Maverick’s side. But at the end of the last season, he was out of the Maverick’s plan altogether. However, the Lakers coach is not giving Wood a lot of game time this season.


Darvin Ham Has Asked Wood To Play A Very Different Role That He Has Not Played Before

Christian Wood
Christian Wood Source: NBC Sports

As per Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times, Wood wanted to go at his former team. But he wanted to stay calm and wait for the game to come to him. Most importantly, he wanted to find a rhythm on the floor, as he has been doing that throughout the season. However, Darvin Ham did not let Wood play more than 15 minutes against the Mavericks. Hence, he didn’t get the chance to settle the scores against his former franchise. He took only a single shot. It was a reminder of the tough job Christian Wood has been doing for the LA side. He is trying to reinvent himself and win games, playing less minutes.

A recent NBA article shows that Wood has the highest usage drop in the league. He mentioned the role he is playing currently is very different from what he played in the last few seasons. He was a high-usage guy before. But he said that he’s trying to play the role of the role-player and that he needs to prepare himself more for that. Darvin Ham wants Wood to produce at a higher level for his team than his individual self. Ham feels if Christian Wood can be focused mentally, he can save himself from falling into the trap of outside noise. 

Christian Wood Has Not Yet Played A Major Role For The Lakers

Christian Wood Lakers
Christian Wood Lakers Source: Basketball Forever

Christian Wood’s entry has apparently helped the Lakers gain more balance and depth. However, the 17-time champions did not have a great start to the season to begin with. On the other hand, they are suffering from multiple injury concerns. It has been a pretty testing time for the depth and balance in the Laker’s roster. Anyhow, the LA side managed to win three games in a row. LeBron James was on fire in those games. But AD was struggling with his fitness. Clearly, other players in the team need to contribute more for the Lakers to play like a contender.

However, the Dallas Mavericks handed the LA side their latest defeat in the league. Currently, the 17-time champions are 9-7. But at present, the Mavericks look like a much stronger side than the Lakers. The Mavericks are at present 10-5.