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EXPLAINED: Why Do Yankees Believe Anthony Volpe Will Have A Much Better Season In 2024?

The New York Yankees have found some really good rookies last year. Anthony Volpe and Jasson Dominguez can have great future in the league. Moreover, Volpe won a Gold Glove last year. However, Dominguez sustained a severe injury. Later, he had to undergo Tommy John surgery. On the other hand, Volpe performed poorly in terms of his offense. Hence, the NY side would expect a far better season from its rookies in 2024. Moreover, the team would like to perform a whole lot better this year than what happened last season.

They had a pretty good offseason, adding Juan Soto and other quality outfielders. Perhaps the pitching department might need a few more additions. Anyhow, the NY side can expect to contend for the World Series this year. But the Yankees Faithful wonders if they can get a lot more contributions from their rookies in 2024. It would really help the duo of Juan Soto and Aaron Judge. That’s what the Bronx Bombers would want Anthony Volpe and other young guns to focus on this spring training time. Anyway, Volpe will get all the help and support he needs from his captain and the team to get better in 2024. 


Yankees Hopeful To See A Better Anthony Volpe In 2024

Anthony Volpe Yankees
Anthony Volpe Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Last year, Anthony Volpe had an impressive rookie season as a shortstop. That’s why he was able to win a Gold Glove. He is the first Yankees rookie to do so. Moreover, Volpe became the first Yankees rookie to get into the 20-20 club. No other rookie wearing the Pinstripes has been able to hit more than 20 homers and record more than 20 steals. Volpe recorded 21 home runs and 24 steals. Also, Anthony Volpe hit .209 with 167 strikeouts last season. That’s also one of the best by a Yankee. However, Volpe knows very well that he needs to cut down on his Ks.

Before spring training, almost every day, he took batting practice with Aaron Judge. And to cut down on his Ks, Volpe tried to slug more like Derek Jeter than Aaron Judge. Even the Yankees’ current captain noticed a difference. Later, on Tuesday, Aaron Judge gave his first spring interview. He mentioned that Volpe impressed him this offseason with the way he is working his bat path and using the whole field. On February 11, Volpe told the media that he’s been working on his game and trying to iron out certain things that can help him get as much success as he expects.

Judge And Boone Expects Volpe To Be Top Of The Lineup Guy In The Future For The Team

Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees Source:

Aaron Boone said Volpe has in his DNA elements that can make him a guy who can control the strike zone. That’s something the Yankees manager feels Volpe really needs to improve. Moreover, he hopes the rookie continues to improve. Also, Boone expects Volpe to become a solid player with good power and speed and get on base. On the other hand, Aaron Judge said Volpe just needs to go out there and play.

Now, he has one year under his belt. Last year, he faced some pitchers for the first time. This upcoming season, he will face familiar faces from last year. Hence, Anthony Volpe can plan for those pitchers accordingly. That’s why Judge hopes 2024 will be a big year for Volpe. Also, he hopes the rookie becomes a top-of-the-lineup kind of hitter in the future for their side.

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