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DJ LeMahieu is the oldest member of the 40-man roster of the New York Yankees. Last year, when the team had a disappointing season, the veteran infielder displayed good form at the back end of the season. That was one of the good things for the Bronx Bombers because 2023 was a forgettable one for the team. The team did not do well. They did not even make the postseason. It was the first time since 2016 when the NY side failed to make the postseason. Moreover, they finished with an awful 82-80 record. Eventually, 2023 turned out to be the worst season in the last 30 years for the Yankees. Despite the disappointing season, the team had a pretty good roster.

But the long Injured List did not help anybody, let alone the Bronx Bombers. Later, in the offseason, the front office made some significant changes that helped regain confidence in the offense and the roster as a whole. Moreover, the batting lineup looks deep and solid for 2024. Initially, Aaron Boone planned to give DJ LeMahieu the role of the leadoff hitter. However, in the Spring Training, the veteran infielder fractured his right foot on March 16 in an exhibition game. Since then, he has been sidelined. But at present, DJ seems to be ready to start his rehab program. However, there has been a slight delay in that assignment. But why?


Why Are Yankees Pushing Back The Start Of Rehab Assignment Of DJ LeMahieu?

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According to the Daily Record, DJ LeMahieu stated that he is “Ready to go.” Clearly, the oldest Yankee member of the 40-man roster is eager to start playing in actual baseball games. On Friday, the veteran infielder was hoping to get back to the lineup at Class AA Somerset. However, the Yankees are pushing the start of his minor league rehab assignment to Tuesday. He had been suffering from a non-displaced right foot fracture. On Thursday, DJ LeMahieu went again for an MRI. Later, the veteran infielder mentioned the results of the MRI and stated that it was healing but still not quite what they had been hoping for. 

On Friday afternoon, DJ told the media that those results were not a setback. He feels ready to go out and get into some games. Moreover, the Yankees manager did not disagree regarding that. But Aaron Boone mentioned that the foot specialist weighed in. As per the foot specialist, it is better to wait until the foot is healed “100%,” and DJ LeMahieu is very close to that at present. That’s the reason behind the franchise’s intentional conservative approach. The most important goal, said Boone, is to see that when DJ returns, he is in a good spot. 

The Veteran Infielder Said He Would Need Less Than Five Rehab Games To Get Ready For The Big League

DJ LeMahieu Yankees
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Meanwhile, DJ LeMahieu will continue with his on-field batting and infield practice. That’s exactly what he did during the last road trip. Earlier in the week at Toronto, DJ told the media that he would need less than five games in rehab to get ready. Perhaps that way, the veteran infielder can return to the Yankees lineup by April 29.

 That’s when the Bronx Bombers start a series against the Baltimore Orioles. But first things first, DJ must get the clearance to start his rehab assignment on Tuesday. Moreover, the NY side will just hope that they don’t have a long Injured List this year like in the previous season.

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