Toto Wolff Mercedes
Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: RacingNews365

Mercedes has a lot of room for improvement. Since the cost cap era began, they have been pushed really back. Red Bull took their place at the top of the grid and so far has not looked back. It has been three years, but the German outfit has not managed to take their place at the top. In fact, they have not been able to win more than one race in the last three years. However, it was in 2021 when they won their eighth constructor title on the trot. Since the reigning champions’ status, there has been a tremendous fall for the Mercedes F1 team.

On the other hand, Red Bull looks like they have no intention to stop before winning their third title in a row. Moreover, Max Verstappen is on the verge of claiming his fourth World Championship. There has been no stopping the Dutch racer since 2021. On the other hand, Mercedes had a very bad start to the 2024 season. Currently, the German outfit is in fourth place behind Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren. Lately, Toto Wolff said what would be his team’s realistic goal from here on. 


What Would Be The Realistic Goal For Toto Wolff’s Team This Year After A Slow Start?

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: The Mirror

First of all, Toto Wolff told the media, including RacingNews365, that they should stop thinking about beating Max Verstappen this year. It does not look likely that the Mercedes duo can overcome the challenge of the current reigning champion. Max Verstappen has won 22 races of the last 26 GPs. That’s quite extraordinary. Hence, the Mercedes boss feels that it is far more realistic to plan to beat Ferrari and McLaren at the end of this year. Moreover, Toto Wolff talked about the fluctuations in performance his team has been facing since last year.

In 2023, Mercedes remained winless. It seems like they might still be winless in 2024. But Toto Wolff said that he is more thinking about the swings that has been happening in the standings since last year. Both Ferrari and McLaren did not start the 2023 season well. But eventually both those teams were able to turn it around. Since then, Mercedes has found it difficult to beat those rivals. But Toto Wolff feels it is still a realistic goal to fight and catch up to McLaren and Ferrari. However, he doesn’t think catching up to Max Verstappen would be possible. 

Mercedes Not Looking To Abandon Current Regulations

Toto Wolff Mercedes
Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

The Austrian billionaire executive mentioned his team can’t completely abandon current regulations and keep performing at a level they are right now. Toto Wolff said that it is not the aim of the brand and their partners. However, Mercedes is looking to push for an understanding and wait for the governing body, FIA, to come up with a change and something new in regulations.

Wolff feels only then can they, like other teams, start to look at those new rules and think about what they can do about their car. But they will not have Lewis Hamilton by the time there’s a change in regulations. After all, it is the final year of the seven-time champion in the Mercedes camp. Currently, the German outfit is in search of Hamilton’s replacement. Who’s it gonna be? Only time can tell.

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