F1 Team Principals: Red Bull Christian Horner Aston Martin Mike Krack
F1 Team Principals: Red Bull Christian Horner Aston Martin Mike Krack Source: GPblog

Red Bull has been completely unstoppable so far up till the summer break. There is no apparent reason why they can’t extend their lead and dominance over the remaining ten races. The Austrian team has broken the record of 1988’s McLaren team in terms of consecutive wins. Red Bull won the last Grand Prix of 2022 and has won all twelve races so far in 2023. The credit goes to the current double-time champion, Max Verstappen, and also the car designer cum Chief Technology Officer, Adrian Newey.

The popularity of F1 grew after the 2021 season with fierce competition between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. And then, the Netflix show Drive To Survive boosted the sport’s popularity, even in the USA. However, since then, Red Bull has not let any team or a driver raise their chances of winning the title. But recently, Aston Martin boss Mike Krack told PlanetF1 that catching Red Bull in a year is possible.


Aston Martin Boss Says Catching Red Bull In A Year Is Possible

F1 Team Principals: Red Bull Christian Horner Aston Martin Mike Krack
F1 Team Principals: Red Bull Christian Horner Aston Martin Mike Krack Source: GPblog

Recently, Krack mentioned that Aston Martin is focusing on the development of the car, and that’s what they plan to follow. They have no plans to switch off the tap. On top of that, the Aston Martin boss believes with less wind tunnel time, teams can catch Red Bull in a year. But Mike Krack believes every team member must put in their best effort to improve the car to catch the current table toppers. Krack says his team must try to do even better than what they have done so far this season.

Moreover, Aston Martin’s boss says stability is the key to his team’s success. It is not right to change a team every five minutes, feels Mike Krack. Hence, Aston Martin will look to capitalize on the good start they had with Fernando Alonso this season. But it won’t be easy to climb up to second place with several other teams fighting for the same thing, let alone going to the top. However, any team with more wind tunnel time will have added advantage.             

Is Max Verstappen’s Style Of Total Dominance Good For The F1 Sport?

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Max Verstappen has clearly been on another level this year as he won 15 races last year, and his team won an overall 17 GPs the previous year. In 2023, Verstappen has already won 10 races. The Dutchman can win the remaining ten GPs. Hence, Verstappen can become the first F1 driver to win 20 races a season. Other than Max Verstappen, no driver in history has even won 15 races a season. Last year, the Red Bull star broke Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record of 13 wins in a season.

Hence, the record for most wins in a season already belongs to Max Verstappen. But certainly, the Dutchman can break his own record this year. That’s how good Red Bull’s RB19 has helped Max to be. But the question is how long Red Bull can hold on to its hegemony. Moreover, is it really good for F1 Motorsport? The fans like to see competition, and that’s how the popularity of a sport grows generally. However, the way Max Verstappen and Red Bull are dominating the grid, there is no sign of competition.