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EXPLAINED: LeBron James Will Possibly Wear A Mic In The Next Season!

LeBron James shocked the fans after the Western Conference Finals, hinting at retirement. He is 38 and played in 20 NBA seasons so far. Moreover, he has been waiting for his 5th title for a long time. As per his age, he doesn’t have a lot of years in his career remaining. But before hanging his boots, King James would like to win as many championships as Michael Jordan. After all, LBJ is a self-proclaimed GOAT.

The preseason is about to begin before the next NBA season. Recently, LeBron James mentioned he would like to wear a mic during a game in the NBA for at least a quarter. This idea came from a Dodgers game lately. LBJ loves other games like baseball and the NFL, as well. Moreover, he likes to do something extra for the fans as well on national television.


LeBron James Wants To Wear A Mic During An NBA Game Like It Happens In MLB

LeBron James MLB
LeBron James MLB Source: Sporting News

Apparently, Major League Baseball likes to add something extra for the fans on national television during primetime games. Stars of certain teams wear the mics and give interviews while the game is on. During a similar event, LA Dodgers star Miguel Roja had such a viral and funny moment. Everybody knows LeBron James is very active on social media. On Instagram, the King shared a story that shows Miguel Roja of the Los Angeles Dodgers fielding a play while talking on the mic with the announcers. Miguel Roja politely asked the announcers to wait before the game interrupted their conversation. It was a funny and viral clip, but LeBron James loved it so much that he wants to do the same thing during an NBA game next season.

Albeit the King has never been mic’d up before in the same way, he had plenty of funny moments recorded all these years. People who know LBJ shared stories suggesting that he is a very funny guy. Moreover, LeBron James is famous for trying something new in basketball or other sports and even in business. After all, King James is the only NBA player to become a billionaire while an active player. Moreover, he is a part owner of Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League. On top of that, he has invested in the food and technology business. Lately, he has expressed his desire to be part of those viral “Mic’d up” moments of professional players.

Can LBJ Win One More Title This Time?

LeBron James Michael Jordan
LeBron James Michael Jordan Source: The Mirror

NBA fans over the years have kept arguing about MJ and LBJ regarding the greatest of all-time debate. But Michael Jordan has won six NBA championships and five MVPs. LeBron James is looking to equal MJ in both categories. But the question is how long can he play to achieve that goal. Last season, LeBron James led the Los Angeles Lakers to the WCF and came very close to winning his 5th ring. However, the eventual champions, the Denver Nuggets, had other plans.

They blew the Lakers away in four games in the conference final. It was humiliating, and that made King James rethink his future in the NBA. But the Lakers went through pretty good offseason trading. That impressed LeBron James. Later, LBJ mentioned during the ESPY Awards that he believes he still has a lot to give to the game of basketball. Hence, he is again back with the motivation to win his 5th ring and help the Lakers win their 18th championship.