Juan Soto and Aaron Judge LAPRESSE

The 2023 MLB season was an absolute eye-opener for the New York Yankees as they plummeted to an all-time low. Be it batting charts or AL-East standings, the Bronx Bombers recorded its worst stats in four-decade-long histories. The abysmal season called for changes, and the front office kicked things off during winter meetings.

On the final day of winter meetings, the New York Yankees announced the acquisition of generational talent Juan Soto. After weeks of negotiations, the Padres let Soto walk in exchange for five major league-ready players. Meanwhile, MLB insider Bryan Hoch explores the probable hitting order of the Yanks in 2024 and also how Soto’s addition is a boon for captain Aaron Judge.


Juan Soto’s Presence In Hitting Lineup A Relief For Aaron Judge!

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees designated hitter Aaron Judge swings at a pitch from the Baltimore Orioles during the fourth inning of a baseball game, Friday, July 28, 2023, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) (Julio Cortez / Associated Press)

With Juan Soto’s acquisition, the New York Yankees believe they are back in World Series contention. Soto’s addition to the Yanks’ star-studded hitting lineup offers a promising preview of the impending 2024 season. Having said that, MLB insider Bryan Hoch explained that more than anyone, Yankee captain Aaron Judge will benefit the most from Soto’s trade. Hoch mentioned that for the longest time, Judge had lacked support in the hitting order. He usually comes out to bat second, and due to a lack of stability in the third, his approach has become cautious in the recent past. Considering Soto comes out at number three, Judge will attain the freedom to go all out without worrying about repercussions.

“With Soto on board, Judge projects to have a dangerous protector within manager Aaron Boone’s batting order,” wrote Hoch in his column. Undoubtedly, the Yankees feel a lethal force after Juan Soto’s addition. The young outfielder brings a combination of elite hitting, plate discipline, and power to the Yanks’ lineup. Moreover, his ability to consistently get on base and deliver in key moments adds a potent dimension to the team’s offensive capabilities. For Aaron Judge, having a formidable hitter like Soto in the lineup provides a crucial layer of protection. Pitchers will face a challenging dilemma when navigating the heart of the Bombers’ order, as they must contend with the threat of both Soto and Judge. This dynamic pair has the potential to create significant matchup challenges for opposing pitchers.

Soto Excited To Team Up With Yankees Captain!

Juan Soto

Meanwhile, Juan Soto is more than excited to share the field with Aaron Judge in the 2024 MLB season. During his introductory press conference, the outfielder reckoned that Judge reached out to him after the trade and seemed a nice guy. Obviously, he is a great ambassador of the game. Thus, the 25-year-old intends to pick the captain’s brain while fielding with him in the outfield.

On the flip side, Yankees captain Aaron Judge also shared his thoughts on Juan Soto’s trade. At a public event, Judge said while the Yankees had to give up a huge batch of talent, the trade package seemed worth it. “His track record and his stats speak for themselves. I think everybody in the Yankee universe is pretty excited to have him on board,” said Judge.