Joel Embiid Vs Lakers
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Los Angeles Lakers are reasonably happy with their offseason activities so far. But there is still a place empty for the 14th member on their roster. Who’s it going to be? On the other hand, star players from the Philadelphia 76ers team have been displaying their unhappiness with being part of the team. In such circumstances, even the current MVP is losing his cool. Apparently, Joel Embiid is not happy with his team’s behavior. He has had a close connection with Philadelphia 76ers fans since the team drafted him.

However, Joel Embiid scared the 76ers fans as he removed any affiliation or mention of the team from his Twitter account. Perhaps Embiid tried to intimidate the front office of the 76ers. Now the question is if he, too, follows the path of his teammate James Harden, then where will he go? The Lakers have been looking for a big man. Now who can be a better choice for the big man than the current MVP, whose height is 7’2.


What If Lakers Get The MVP?

Joel Embiid Vs Lakers
Joel Embiid Vs Lakers Source: Liberty Ballers

ESPN broadcasters on the GetUp show were discussing the prospect of Joel Embiid coming to the purple and gold. But it seems like the Lakers would have to pay a high price to acquire the current MVP. The 17-time champions might have to trade LeBron James or Anthony Davis to get Embiid. Moreover, Embiid is a better prospect than AD or James at present. Hence, the Lakers will have to trade some future assets along with either of the top two stars. However, the Lakers cannot trade Anthony Davis until next year because of his contract situation. Albeit, the duo of AD and Joel Embiid can be a deadly combination. Moreover, AD’s aptitude for the power forward position and Joel’s shooting skills from outside can prove to be a vital, perhaps slow, tenable frontcourt.

 Initially, the Lakers were thinking about a center who’s a big man and can take some load off Anthony Davis. It is because the eight-time All-Star is very injury-prone. He has not been able to play more than 65 games last three seasons. However, Anthony Davis is an integral part of the team. In fact, the Lakers need him to lead the side now and in the post-LeBron James era. But it does not make much sense if he stays out with injuries most of the games. Hence, the Lakers were thinking about Christian Wood or Bismack Biyombo, who can play alongside Anthony Davis. The Lakers even thought about giving the youngsters in the team that chance, like Rui Hachimura or Jaxson Hayes. However, the spot is still open.  

Philadelphia 76ers Is Not A Happy Place At Present

Joel Embiid James Harden Philadelphia 76ers
Joel Embiid James Harden Philadelphia 76ers Source: 6ABC

For instance, James Harden opted for a trade-in free agency in the current off-season. But no team has shown any interest in acquiring Harden yet. So as a next step, James Harden pivoted from accepting the final season sum in his contract worth $35.6 million. Hence, it is clear that Harden hopes the 76ers will trade him before the 2023-24 season begins.

What if the Lakers try to acquire Harden? However, James Harden is not the only high-level player of the 76ers who angrily wanted to leave. Moreover, the locker room scenario of the 76ers does not look healthy. On the other hand, Joel Embiid has seen many promising players leave the team. For instance, Jimmy Butler left the 76ers to join Miami Heat. Then the rest is history. Butler has been highly successful with the Heat.