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Sir Lewis Hamilton is spending his last year in Mercedes colors. He will join Ferrari next year. It has been a while, but the news of his switch to the Maranello-based team is still quite shocking. Clearly, that’s the most interesting and exciting news that came across in recent times for the F1 fans. After all, nobody could imagine the seven-time champion leaving the Silver Arrows someday. Their collaboration has been one of the most successful partnerships in the history of the sport. Moreover, the great Briton joined the German outfit in 2013. Since then, the legacy of the Mercedes F1 team changed utterly. Moreover, prior to the Hamilton-Mercedes era, the Silver Arrows were nowhere near claiming to be a successful F1 team.

Toto Wolff joined the German outfit along with Hamilton in 2013 and took the team to the top. From 2014 to 2021, during the turbo-hybrid era, Mercedes was unbeatable in the title race. They used to win every constructor title those days. However, the regulations changed in 2022, and as the ground effect rules emerged, the Brackley team started to lose its grip on the title. Since then, Lewis Hamilton has remained winless. As a result, his decision to switch to the Italian outfit shouldn’t be as shocking as it sounds. Moreover, coming to his final year with Mercedes, things seem to turn even worse between them and Hamilton. 


Mercedes Received Blames For Failing Lewis Hamilton Yet Again

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: iNews

The one last thing Lewis Hamilton wanted to do in Mercedes colors was help them win a few races or even get back to the title contention one last time. However, the 2024 season did not see a great start from the seven-time champion he was hoping for. In fact, Hamilton had the worst start to an F1 season in his 17-year-long career. Clearly, the new Mercedes car is as temperamental as its predecessors. It seems to be even worse as Ferrari and McLaren have gone ahead with the German outfit. The Mercedes W15 is nowhere near the RB20 car.

Recently, Mark Gallagher, an ex-F1 executive, told Mirror Sport that Lewis, with a lot of experience and seven world titles, exists to win. Gallagher also said via Betway that finishing in the third row or fourth row is not something that he does. If everything goes well, the F1 executive believes Hamilton should at least get a podium finish. However, if everything is not okay, Hamilton will give himself a hard time. Moreover, Gallagher said he would give his team a hard time as well. “You can expect that from great drivers, in a way.” 

Mark Gallagher Said It’s Getting Incredibly Frustrating For The Seven-Time Champ In 2024

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Eurosport

Lewis Hamilton’s best finish in the ongoing season was seventh in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Since then, he has finished at P9 twice and had a DNF in the Australian Grand Prix. Moreover, the F1 executive blamed Hamilton for performing a little below par.

However, Mark Gallagher insists that Mercedes should be held responsible for not providing the seven-time champion with the right tool to regain the title. Gallagher has been involved in the sport for a long time. With his experience, the F1 executive said it is getting really frustrating for the great Briton, as it would happen for any past champions.

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