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EXPLAINED: How Anthony Rizzo Helped Other Yankees Players After Disclosing His Concussion Issue?

The New York Yankees did not have a season to remember this year. They are still at the last of the AL East table. There is a high probability for the NY side not to make the postseason this year. However, the main cause for that is not the poor performances of the team but rather too many injury issues. These injuries to key players really did not help their cause. Moreover, the Yankees cannot afford to lose any more players with injuries and have the IL keep getting longer. For instance, a month ago, the Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo sustained concussion issues. The Bronx Bombers placed the three-time All-Star on the injured list. He is very crucial for the team’s success. Moreover, the 34-year-old first baseman is very popular in the Yankees locker room.

The teammates generally laud Anthony Rizzo. On top of that, the chemistry between Rizzo and Aaron Judge is more like the captain and the first lieutenant of the team. The cameras often caught Rizzo and Judge huddling in the dugout. Rizzo and Judge don’t really disclose what they have been talking about in public. But they likely talk about strategies to face opposing pitchers and lack of teammate hustle. However, the point is the Yankees first baseman may not be in the lineup currently, but he is still working from the sideline. It seems like he has inspired other players from even other teams to talk about the post-concussion syndrome.


Austin Nola Of The Padres Faced Similar Symptoms Like Anthony Rizzo

Austin Nola Padres
Austin Nola Padres Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

For instance, Austin Nola, catcher of the San Diego Padres, referred to Anthony Rizzo as he realized that he was facing concussion issues as well. The Yankees first baseman talked about the collision in May with the knee of Fernando Tatis Jr. Moreover, the three-time All-Star mentioned he had a brain fog that he could not shake since the collision in May. That brain fog enveloped him long after the incident, said the Yankees first baseman. Apparently, this transparency helped the San Diego catcher.

The brother of Aaron Nola, the pitcher of the Philadelphia Phillies, Austin has been undergoing recently a few neurology and ophthalmology tests at UCLA and other places. Austin Nola disclosed the symptoms looked familiar to those of Anthony Rizzo. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Nola mentioned he is thankful to get some clarity on the issue. At first, he could not figure out why he was not seeing the ball. Moreover, Austin Nola is on his team’s injured list with oculomotor dysfunction. This disease affects the eye movement.

One More Yankees Star Reliever Gets His Name On The IL

Yankees Ian Hamilton
Yankees Ian Hamilton Source: MLB.com

However, for the Yankees, only Anthony Rizzo’s name on the IL was not enough. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers placed one of their star relievers, Ian Hamilton, with a groin strain on the 15-day injured list. Earlier in the season, Hamilton missed over a month of game time due to the same injury.

Yankees manager hopes Hamilton returns but is afraid that his season is over this year. Aaron Boone’s side was losing game after game and series after series. However, the Bronx Bombers have won back-to-back series recently against the Detroit Tigers and the Houston Astros. They have improved their win record this year. But it still looks quite far and distant for them to think about making the playoffs.