Cam Reddish Lakers
Cam Reddish Lakers Source: Yardbarker

The Los Angeles Lakers expect a lot from Cam Reddish. He has been playing in the big league for the last five years. But as it seems, Reddish has not really had a team like the LA side that supported him so much. Recently, the Lakers have suffered a lot of injury concerns, and it is only adding their pressure. On top of that, the poor start of Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura has not helped their cause at all. That’s why the Lakers head coach Darvin Ham replaced Austin Reaves with Cam Reddish.

He could not perform very well against the Miami Heat. But Reddish was indeed impressive against the Phoneix Suns as well as against the Trail Blazers in the last game. Moreover, the 24-year-old scored 17 points against the Phoneix Suns. Against the Suns, Cam Reddish made it into the starting lineup for the very first time and impressed everybody. He replaced Austin Reaves last week. Later, against his former team, the Trail Blazers, Reddish made seven shots out of ten. Last season, the Portland franchise did not make Cam a qualifying offer.


Lakers Teammates Have Been Showing A Lot Of Faith In Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish Lakers LeBron James
Cam Reddish Lakers LeBron James Source: CBS Sports

Later, Austin Reaves mentioned his new teammate, saying, “People forget sometimes how good Cam really is.” On top of that, Anthony Davis mentioned what Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves had to say about Cam Reddish. Edwards said Reddish is the toughest player he had to guard ever. Moreover, Anthony Davis said that Cam can be a big-time player for the Lakers. Adding to that, AD also mentioned that he has proved in the last two games that he can do exactly what the team wants from him.

Clearly, the Lakers have complete faith in the type of talent Reddish has. On top of that, Cam Reddish looks very happy to sign a two-year deal with the Lakers as well. He appreciates the encouragement and support his teammates have been showing him. Moreover, Reddish mentioned how LeBron James did not let him lose faith in himself. When he missed a few shots, LBJ said, “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Get ready, I’ll come right back at you.”

Cam Reddish Can Play At His Truest Potential For His New Team

Cam Reddish
Cam Reddish Lakers Source: BVM Sports

Just five years ago, he was among the top three high school players in the United States Of America. Moreover, in some rankings, Cam was even ahead of Zion Williamson in the US. Later, that same player became a one-and-done player at Duke. Moreover, Reddish even became a lottery pick. Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times wrote that the Lakers wanted Cam Reddish to hear what he has been and what he could be.

Moreover, Hernandez wrote that the LA side wants Reddish to know that he’s Cam Reddish. It means that if Cam gets to play like what the team wanted him to, then it will be great for both. First of all, Cam Reddish can actually save his own career. Moreover, the Lakers will need Cam to shape their new identity.