Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen lost victory to a late puncture on Sunday. Getty/Clive Rose

Red Bull Racing witnessed a dream run this Formula One season as it unleashed sheer dominance through an invincible car driven by an invincible Dutch driver, Max Verstappen. Bulls and Verstappen together rewrote the history books of the sport this year by posting a 99% win record and defending constructors’ and drivers’ championships.

Having said that, the dominance is under imminent threat due to the introduction of engine regulation changes, which are scheduled to be enforced by 2026. As per the rumors, FIA could implement extensive changes to the chassis and also elevate the electric share of the power unit from 20% to nearly 50%. However, reigning world champion Max Verstappen does not seem amused by the constant changes.


Max Verstappen Hints At F1 Retirement Amid 2026 Regulation Change!

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen in the paddock. Australia March 2023. Credit: Alamy

Formula One will undergo a massive change ahead of the 2026 season. As a part of the engine regulation change, F1 will be switching to synthetic fuels. The fuel change will reduce carbon emissions to zero, thus making the F1 a sustainable sport. Also, the budget cap for engine manufacturers will reach $130 million by 2026. While fans are excited, reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen feels threatened. He believes that a reduction in chassis will adversely affect the quality of racing. However, Verstappen also feels that he is not stupid to derive conclusions without having a look at the proposed changes. But as of now, the Dutch driver is not excited at all. “At the moment, it’s still not particularly exciting,” said Verstappen.

While Max Verstappen seeks adjustments to the proposed changes, he understands that nobody would support him due to competition. “Nobody will agree. This sport is so political,” thinks Verstappen. He explained that if Red Bull says that it wants to change something, the rivals will oppose the bid, citing that Red Bull has perhaps cracked the code to success. That’s just the competitive nature of the sport, and it has always been like that for decades. When further pressed to reveal if the potential drop in racing quality would encourage him to deny an extension contract, Verstappen said it’s a possibility. The Dutchman earlier threatened retirement, irked by FIA’s scuffles in formats. Now, with the sport taking a whole new route, Max feels distanced.

Verstappen Accused Of Diminishing Champions Excitement

Max Verstappen

While Max Verstappen continues to rejoice in his sheer domination, the former Renault boss is not really amused by the one-sided competition. He agreed that Verstappen is an extraordinary driver. However, his domination has had negative implications on the thrill of the world championship. “I hope there will be more excitement next year. Because otherwise, it won’t be fun anymore,” said Flavio Briatore.

Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen didn’t face any immediate competitors as their car, RB19, floated at the front of the grid. Even as Sergio Perez struggled due to odd luck, Verstappen emerged as the invincible force. He defended his title well before the F1 season concluded. Having said that, Red Bull’s domination is unlikely to end any time soon as the team is way ahead of its rivals in terms of machinery development.