Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: Deadspin

The New York Yankees need to bolster their roster in the offseason. They had a terrible 2023 season. It is better if they just forget about it and move on. They could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. It is a tremendous shame for an iconic team like the NY side. After all, they have been the most successful side in the history of the league. But the Bronx Bombers have not reached the World Series since they won in 2009. It has been a long time since they went that far in the playoffs. But the Yankees are willing to leave no stone unturned this offseason. They want to sign the best players and make the best changes possible to strengthen the roster.

Moreover, the 27-time champions are currently in a no-man’s land. It is a pretty confusing time for them because they can neither say they are a team of elite power hitters nor a team of youthful energy. Every team needs at least two elite hitters in their squad. But the Yankees only have Aaron Judge, the 16th captain in the franchise’s history. However, they need another superstar slugger on the team. In this respect, Juan Soto fits the roster perfectly. Currently, he plays as an outfielder for the San Diego Padres. There are many reasons why the Yankees should jump on the opportunity to sign Juan Soto. 


A. Juan Soto Gets On Base And Adds That With A Lot Of Power Hitting

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: NBC Sports

The Yankees desperately need a player like Soto who can get on base. He can do it in all sorts of ways. Soto has a decent batting average and, if in top form, can also slug for an elite average. His best skill is his batting eye. It proves how talented he is. Juan Soto is a potential future Hall Of Famer. He has a career .284 batting average as well as 160 career homers. On top of that, he has more career walks than strikeouts. He really can immensely help the Yankees runners to move ahead.

B. Yankees Need A Left-Handed Slugger

Anthony Rizzo Yankees
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Source: WWNY

Juan Soto is a southpaw hitter. The NY Side does not have much balance in their offence with left-handed hitters. Like Anthony Rizzo is out with post-concussion syndrome, Austin Wells and Jason Dominguez will need more time to prove themselves in the big league. Moreover, Soto can make a potent one-two punch with Aaron Judge. 

C. Yankees Need More Young And Durable Players

DJ LeMahieu Yankees
DJ LeMahieu Yankees Source: MLB.com

Juan Soto is young and has a relatively clean history of injuries. The Yankees are struggling with durable players and young athletes. For instance, key players like DJ LeMahieu, Anthony Rizzo, and even Aaron Judge are getting on the wrong side of 30 in age. But that creates more chances of injuries. 

D. The NY Side Need A Superstar Who Can Plug And Play

Juan Soto Yankees
Juan Soto Yankees Source: Hudson Reporter

From an NFL draft’s reference, the NY side will need a plug-and-play superstar. The Bronx Bombers did not have much luck in the recent past with new signings. They need to sign a player that can help them in acquiring a perfect offensive star. 

E. Juan Soto Is Perfect To Play Alongside The Yankees Captain

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

To be a true contender for a championship, a team needs two elite stars; they currently just have Judge. But with Soto, they have a better chance. It is all about putting less stress on Judge and letting the other star put pressure on the opponent pitchers. Soto has great power and can slug 40 or 45 homers in a season. Moreover, his left-handed swing is tailor-made for the short porch in the Yankees stadium.