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Aaron Judge and Juan Soto, two of the most prolific hitters in MLB, came together as Yankee teammates in the 2024 MLB season. With these two at their helm, the New York Yankees were expected to be a lethal offensive lineup, and they have lived up to the hype to some extent.

While Juan Soto has been dominant and consistent hitter that he always was, Aaron Judge’s form has taken a hit due to adjustments into the hitting order and outfield. However, regardless, with Soto leading the charge of the offense, Judge couldn’t be happier as he recently talked about Soto tends to bring out the best of every situation.


Aaron Judge Hails ‘Special Player’ Juan Soto!

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In the world of baseball, greatness recognizes greatness. And that sentiment couldn’t be truer than when it comes to the awe-inspiring performances of Juan Soto, as acknowledged by the New York Yankees’ captain, Aaron Judge. Soto, the consistent offensive contributor of the season for the Yanks, had yet another special 3-hit, 4-RBI night against the Houston Astros on Wednesday. He went deep with a two-run bomb in the first innings to kick things off on a positive note. Judge and Giancarlo Stanton fed on his special start to smash a solo home run each. Indeed, Soto has become the life of the Yanks’ offense in no time, and Captain Judge offered credit where it was due. 

In the post-game interview, Aaron Judge referred to Juan Soto as a special player. He added that every time Soto takes an at-bat, the team is always uncertain of what to expect. However, the generational star has a unique ability to produce something special each time. And that has impressed the Yankees captain the most this year. Interestingly, Soto was asked what he is doing differently this year to attain success in the Bronx. And the star slugger admitted that his process has been the same. He is doing exactly the same thing that he has done for these past six years in MLB. The preparations haven’t changed, nor does he feel the need to do something different while his form is at its best. Overall, as the season progresses and the playoff race heats up, all eyes will be on Juan Soto as he looks to lead the Yanks to postseason glory.

Juan Soto Satisfied With Aaron Judge’s Notable Resurgence!

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Juan Soto didn’t necessarily receive the support he expected from Aaron Judge prior to coming to the Bronx until his week. In the Tigers series, as well as the Houston Astros series, Judge has been stacking up home runs, RBIs, and walks, which is everything Soto will ever need from his captain this year.

“If he can keep up that the whole year, I’m not asking for more from him,” said Juan Soto on Aaron Judge’s three-RBI night against the Astros on Wednesday. Indeed, after a slow start, Aaron Judge is finally hitting .236 with 8 home runs and 24 RBIs, which is a significant sign of a resurgence for the former MVP.

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