LeBron James
LeBron James

Twitter, the popular social media platform, is accused of secretly boosting the visibility of 35 of its most influential users, including NBA star LeBron James.

A multi-billionaire businessman Elon Musk took over the gigantic micro-blogging website Twitter in a controversial deal. Moreover, the work ethic and policies he enforced after taking over the charge as the company’s chief executive officer have received worldwide criticism. Despite the noise, the billionaire refuses to slow down. He went on to enforce more anti-work balance policies to burn out the rest of the 50% of staff, as he blatantly fired the other half in his first action as the Twitter CEO.


Now, the company’s survival is at stake as the share prices are tanking with each passing day. At this rate, Elon Musk is the edge closer to bankruptcy. Meanwhile, in a bid to test multiple algorithms to further boost the engagement of Twitter, Musk is taking a rather wild route. The micro-blogging company is accused of favoring the privileged by unfair means, and NBA star, LeBron James has been caught at the center of it.

35 Influential Accounts Secretly Boosted By Twitter

Elon Musk-LeBron James
The 37-year-old NBA superstar LeBron James quotes tweeted the report and claimed he could not care who owned the company but urged Elon Musk and Twitter to take the matter seriously

Twitter has been caught in a fresh controversy following a expose by the Platformer. According to the report, Twitter has secretly deployed an algorithm that amplifies the tweets of a select group of 35 accounts. This means that the tweets of these 35 users are more likely to appear on users’ timelines, even if they do not follow them. These accounts reportedly include celebrities, politicians, and media personalities who remain widely considered to be influential and have a significant number of followers. Moreover, this group, referred to as the “Power Users,” remains highly active on social media and has sizeable followers list.

One name that caught the attention of sports fans was LeBron James. LeBron James remains one of the most influential names in the sports world presently. He has close to 52.8 million followers on Twitter and 149 million on Instagram. Moreover, James is highly active and often posts eye-catching messages or photos to keep the engagement intact. Hence, his name being inducted into the “Power Users” group shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, it remains to be seen if Musk’s new bid to revive Twitter from a deathbed actually works.

LeBron James’ Twitter Meltdown Following Controversial No-Call Decisions

LeBron James
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LA Lakers superstar LeBron James is an influential personality on Twitter. He often uses that platform to convey his feelings and thoughts on many on as well as off-court issues. Recently, during a game against the Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum caused a foul on LeBron while blocking his shot. However, the foul was not called, which led to James’ emotional meltdown on the court. He yelled and banged the floor in disbelief.

He did not cool down even after the game and took to Twitter to express his disappointment with the standards of officiating this season. He called out the referees for wrongfully targeting the team. On top of that, they even called out Jayson Tatum for playing the game in bad spirits. This is not James’s first Twitter war. He uses this platform to often share his thoughts and views on many sensitive issues and matters.