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“Dubs Need A More Dependable Starting Lineup,” Steph Curry Reveals The Main Reason Behind Warriors’ Sudden Mega Dip

Stephen Curry has not been at his best in the current season. Most importantly, the Golden State Warriors have not looked like a championship contender. Moreover, the team is not even ready with a fixed starting lineup. On top of that, the Warriors are unable to play their main lineup in the absence of Draymond Green.

The seven-time champions are finding it hard to maintain a winning streak. After 32 games, the Warriors are 15-17. With a .469 record, it is not looking good for the Warrior’s chances to make the postseason. Steph Curry has only himself to blame for his inconsistency. But more importantly, the Dubs leader pointed out a not-so-dependable starting lineup.


Stephen Curry Feels The Warriors Need A More Dependable Starting Lineup

Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors
Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Inc. Magazine

On December 30, the Warriors lost again against the Dallas Mavericks. Coach Steve Kerr made several changes. The coach moved Kevon Looney and Brandin Podziemski into the bench role. Moreover, coach Kerr let Chris Paul and Trayce Jackson-Davis in the starting lineup. After the game against the Mavericks, coach Kerr mentioned that he was looking for improvements in the defensive section. That’s the reason for these changes. It has been pretty conspicuous throughout the year that the Dubs struggled to get their rotation right. On top of that, the energy of the players look lost compared to the previous seasons. It doesn’t matter who’s starting; there always seems to be a gap in the lineup of the Dubs.

In the post-game press conference, Stephen Curry mentioned the team needs to have a more dependable starting unit. He said it is essential to get there before it gets too late. Moreover, Steph Curry noted that it is their team’s nature to experiment a lot due to some forced and some unforced reasons. Adding to that, Stephen Curry said that they have not yet figured out the identity of their strengths. It really gets frustrating as a result. Already, they are 32 games in. Curry knows that any good and competitive team always has answers to what’s their strength and weaknesses.

Mistakes That The GSW Made So Far This Season

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Draymond Green Warriors Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Dubs have made a ton of mistakes already this season. First of all, they have not been able to get the best out of their veteran forward Draymond Green. Instead, Green is serving his second suspension already this season. As a senior player Dray Green has failed to make an example for the junior players in the team. Moreover, the forward’s irresponsible behavior has caused the team’s weak start this season. Albeit, the Dubs won the first couple of games, Green’s suspension allowed the opponents to get the better of the GSW. Moreover, the Warriors lost six on the trot at one point.

Other than Green, the Splash brothers have not been at their best. Klay Thompson has struggled greatly with his shooting this season. It has been only the first third of the season. Moreover, Stephen Curry won a few games single handedly. However, there have been a few games when he really looked like he was not in good touch. This level of inconsistency really created a lot of confusion and problems for Steve Kerr’s side.