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In the world of basketball debates, people love talking about who’s the greatest player ever. Recently, Kevin Durant, known for scoring a lot, wondered why folks don’t talk about him as one of the best. His ex-teammate, Draymond Green, has some advice. Green says Durant should do what Steph Curry did to be in that cool conversation. It’s like saying, “If you want to be the best, do what the best did.” Let’s dive into why Green thinks this way and what it means for Durant’s journey to greatness.

Draymond Green’s Simple Solution

In a straightforward and revealing chat on The Volume Sports, Draymond Green shared some insightful thoughts on Durant’s goal for GOAT status. According to Green, the key for Durant to get into the top tier is clear-cut: “You gotta do what Steph did to get into that conversation.” This statement not only brings forth an interesting perspective but also raises questions about the changing criteria for entering the prestigious GOAT debate.

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Draymond Green’s perspective is rooted in the transformative period when Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green, known for being direct, acknowledges Durant’s outstanding scoring ability, calling him one of the greatest scorers in the history of the game. However, Green emphasizes the need for Durant to do what his other Warriors teammate, the iconic Steph Curry, did.

Draymond Green argues that Curry, despite his early brilliance, only got the full recognition he deserved after leading the Warriors to a championship in 2022 and earning the coveted Finals MVP. The implication is clear: championships, along with individual brilliance, are the keys to entering the exclusive GOAT conversation. Green’s argument not only highlights Durant’s individual brilliance but also underscores the impact of team success on a player’s legacy. The next challenge for Durant, it seems, is not just about scoring points but about leading the team, as Charles Barkley suggests, to elevate his status.

The Warriors Legacy and Its Cost

Digging deeper into the details of Draymond’s argument, it’s crucial to recognize the context of Durant’s championships with the Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green, a key player in those championship runs, acknowledges that the team’s dominance, winning back-to-back titles, came at a cost. The competition’s differences during those years led to a reduced appreciation for both Curry and Durant’s contributions. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Durant’s path to GOAT status is not without its challenges. The balance between individual brilliance and team success poses a unique challenge for the prolific scorer.

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In conclusion, as the debate continues, Draymond Green’s advice to Kevin Durant becomes a key point of discussion. Can Durant achieve the same success as his teammate Steph Curry did? Will he be the leader who not only excels individually but also leads his team to glory? Only time will tell if Durant’s journey aligns with the changing parameters set by the GOAT conversation, but one thing is certain – basketball enthusiasts will be watching closely, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the compelling story of Kevin Durant’s quest for greatness.