Victor Wembanyama LeBron James
Victor Wembanyama LeBron James Source: The SportsRush

LeBron James was the most promising talent entering the NBA back in 2003, as he was the overall first pick. Hence, the Cleveland Cavaliers picked him, as it was also his hometown franchise. Very few players come close to having a similar hype around them as a rookie. It has been twenty years since then, and LeBron has become King James with four MVP titles and four championships. He is also the all-time leading scorer. Not many players can even imagine having such an illustrious and long career.

But two decades after LeBron’s entry into the NBA, another player has finally entered the league with a similar rookie graph. The French sensation Victor Wembanyama was the overall number-one pick of the 2023 NBA Draft. The greatest prospect of the modern generation, Victor joined the San Antonio Spurs. Currently, the French center is the tallest active player in the league, with an official height of 7’5. Other than being the number one pick and the greatest prospects of their respective eras, there is one more thing common between LeBron James and Victor Wembanyama. The two players may have the biggest Nike as a common link. Check out how.


Victor Wembanyama May Surpass LeBron James With His Nike Deal

Victor Wembanyama LeBron James Anthony Davis
Victor Wembanyama LeBron James Anthony Davis Source: Lakers Daily

There is still no confirmation whether and if the French prodigy has signed with Nike. Apparently, LeBron James did sign with Nike for a lucrative seven years deal worth $90 million back in 2003. And after Victor Wembanyama became the number-one pick in the 2023 draft, Nike posted a social media message stating they have their eyes on the Metropolitans 92 man. Moreover, there are many brands fighting to sign an endorsement deal with the greatest prospect in the NBA since LeBron James. It is clear that he is still generating immense hype even before he debuted as an NBA regular season player.

Now, Victor’s agent, Bouna Ndiaye, has the task of securing the best deal for the 19-year-old sensation. According to the latest rumors, Nike has the best chance to sign a deal with Wembanyama. There is a possibility that the giant can even offer $100 million to Ndiaye for Wembanyama. That would make the French sensation surpass LeBron James with his $90 million deal as a rookie. Moreover, the famous Marketing executive of Nike sports, Sonny Vaccaro, claims that shoe brands will be willing to give Victor Wembanyama a blank cheque. The credit for the famous Michael Jordan and Nike deal goes to Vaccaro. Hence, his prediction carries substantial weight.

Did Victor Wembanyama Already Sign With Nike?

Victor Wembanyama Nike
Victor Wembanyama Nike Source: Taarifa

However, what Nike is exactly offering Victor Wembanyama is still unknown. But the rumor is on June 19, 2023, Nike signed an official deal. According to the Andscape writer, Nick Depaula, Victor Wembanyama signed with Nike back in France during his pro career, and the endorsement deal will continue into the beginning of his NBA career. The 19-year-old sensation, often gets the comparison with LeBron James, was averaging 21.6 ppg, 10.4 rpg, and three blocks in each and every 32 games in LNB League in France. That was before he debuted in the NBA Summer League.