Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Golden State Warriors, desperate for a play-in qualification, suffered a narrow loss to New Orleans Pelicans on Friday night. Despite Steph Curry’s 33-point night, the Dubs fell short of mere 5 points at the end, resulting into a 109-114 scoreline. Regardless, the Dubs are still stationed as 10th seed in West Conference.

That being said, despite the narrow defeat, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr lauded the team’s effort to come back strongly in the second half. Kerr especially mentioned veteran Draymond Green for his unique and historic stat line, which helped the team tighten up the defense.


Draymond Green Finishes With Zero Points Vs. Pelicans In Historic Stat Line!

Draymond Green
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Golden State Warriors lost to the New Orleans Pelicans by five points on Friday to witness their 36th loss of the season. However, as the Dubs embark on their final regular season week, this loss would not hamper their play-in seed on the Western Conference table. That being said, besides Steph Curry’s late resurgence, Draymond Green’s unique stat line grabbed headlines. As per Stat Muse, Green finished the night with zero points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists to become the first player in NBA history with a double-double and not even a single field goal or free throw attempt. While critics argue that Green’s lack of contributions in the offense hurt the Dubs, coach Steve Kerr was proud of the veteran’s impact on the other side of the court.

Steve Kerr said post-game that he does not care if Draymond Green shoots or not as long as the veteran is holding up the defense. “He does everything else. His defense was so good, as was his competitiveness. It was amazing to watch,” Kerr told media. Notably, the Warriors have been ordinary in the defense this season, and Green has been the one actively calling out guys to step up. And the veteran did guard Pelicans Zion Williamson to restrict him to 11 hits of his 26 field goal attempts. While Williamson raced away with a 26-point outing, Green’s elite show in defense allowed the Dubs to stay alive in the game until the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Overall, as Golden State prepares for the final showdown, Draymond Green’s resurgence on the other side of the court will fuel the team’s chances in upcoming play-in games.

Warriors Star Steph Curry Offers Positive Take On Ankle Injury

Stephen Curry Warriors
Stephen Curry Warriors Source: BasketUniverso

In a concerning moment, Warriors star Steph Curry rolled his ankle against the Pelicans on Friday. However, he continued to remain on the court to keep his team in the hunt. That being said, Curry’s already had an injury setback this season, and therefore, the scary scenes vs the Pelicans caused panic.

However, Steph Curry confirmed the ankle slip was a mild case compared to the injuries he has had in that area over the years. “It should be all right,” Curry said after the game. That being said, Curry should be ready to start in the Golden State Warriors’ final regular season game against the Utah Jazz on Sunday at Chase Center.

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