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DJ LeMahieu And Carlos Rodon Are Taking Their Next Step To Comeback From Injuries For The Yankees

DJ LeMahieu joined the New York Yankees back in 2019. Since then, he proved to be a crucial utility infielder for the team. But injuries never bid farewell to LeMahieu and neither to the Yankees. Moreover, the most successful MLB side has been among the most injury-prone sides in recent times. Speaking of the most successful side, they have not been able to win a World Series since 2009.

The primary reason for that has been injuries. But the New York Yankees look to bounce back with players returning from injuries. Moreover, DJ LeMahieu is preparing to come back to the lineup of the Yankees. On Monday, the New York side will play the first game of a series against the Atlanta Braves. LeMahieu is looking forward to playing in that series.


DJ LeMahieu Is Ready To Play Against The Braves If Everything Goes Right

DJ LeMahieu Yankees
DJ LeMahieu Yankees Source: news4republicans

Moreover, DJ suffered a setback lately as on Sunday, he had to sit out for a fourth game straight owing to tightness in the right calf. But he did mention during the series against the Miami Marlins that he was ready to return. DJ mentioned that he was good enough to play. But the Yankees did not want to risk it. Manager Aaron Boone of the Yankees mentioned LeMahieu was available in emergency situations off the bench. But he preferred not to use him. Hence, they gave him one more day just to be safe and put less stress on his body. However, the New York Yankees lost that series to the Miami Marlins 8-7. Despite the defeat, LeMahieu said at LoanDepot Park that he was ready to play then.

Hence, if nothing goes wrong, he would like to play on Monday. Moreover, the veteran utility infielder has been sitting out since a pre-game batting practice on Wednesday in Chicago. While he was taking some swings in the cage, he felt his calf grabbing on him. Moreover, DJ was a late scratch in that game. According to DJ LeMahieu, the calf injury has calmed down since the weekend. Moreover, he has been able to go for some pre-game workouts as well since then. Before his injury, in his last 23 games, LeMahieu had a pretty good average hitting .309 and a .824 OPS. But he had been through a long slump before he got to that average. That’s why DJ LeMahieu noted that it is frustrating because he takes pride when he is out there.

Like LeMahieu, Carlos Rodon Is Also On His Way To A Speedy Recovery

Carlos Rodon Yankees
Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: SFGATE

On the other hand, the left-hander pitcher Carlos Rodon is also on his way to return from injury. He has been in rehab for a hamstring injury. But Carlos is about to take an essential step to prepare for his return. On Saturday, Carlos Rodon threw a bullpen in two-inning in Miami. He will travel to the facility of the Yankees in Tampa.

Rodon will pitch facing live sluggers in a simulated game. However, Carlos Rodon has another week to go before he is eligible to make a comeback. On August 7, Carlos Rodon faced the 15-day IL. However, the Yankees must decide who they will subtract from the starting lineup after Rodon returns.