LeBron James Michael Malone
LeBron James Michael Malone Source: SBNation

LeBron James never felt a shortage of motivation when he got ready for a new season in his twenty-long years in the NBA. But it is always a good sign when there is a scope for extra motivation. He will take it and use it for himself and his team. Although, the way the 2022-23 season ended for Los Angeles Lakers shattered LeBron’s hopes of winning his 5th championship ring. But now it looks hardly possible anymore as the Lakers’ ace will be 39 next year.

The 4-time All-Star is in the twilight of his career. And the twentieth year of his professional career in the NBA was the last chance for winning his 5th title. The Los Angeles Lakers did so well to reach the Western Conference Finals. However, Michael Malone’s Denver Nuggets destroyed the King’s dream. It was simply humiliating since the Lakers could not win a single game in the conference finals, and the series was over in only four games. The eventual champions Denver Nuggets, blew the Los Angeles Lakers away 4-0. Since then, Michael Malone has been pissing LeBron James with every chance he got.


Malone Working As Extra Motivation For King James To Return In Next Season

LeBron James Michael Malone
LeBron James Michael Malone Source: Sports Illustrated

Despite the team’s defeat, LeBron James was unquestionably in top form. He became the oldest player to score 40+ points in a conference finals game. However, in the post-game interview after Game 4 was over in the WCF, James gave a cryptic message that he was thinking about retirement. But fans don’t want the King to end his career like that. They want him to get back and give it a final try. Moreover, if LeBron needs extra motivation, then he gets it from Michael Malone, the Nugget’s coach.

According to Brandon Robinson of the Bally Sports Network, Michael Malone is continuously annoying James as he is constantly taking jabs at him and the Lakers for attracting too much media focus. However, Scoop B suggested that LeBron James will take it as a motivation to focus on the next season. He even believes that LeBron’s cryptic message about retirement is irrelevant at present, as people close to him suggest the King is getting ready for the next season. Undoubtedly, fans expect James to come back with a vengeance and win his fifth ring in the NBA.

Nothing Makes LeBron James Happier Than Winning Championships

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

LeBron James had to go through a lot this season. He was playing with a pending surgery on his right foot for the tendon injury that made him sit out for almost a month. He had to miss 13 games on the trot. However, before the next season starts, James might have to undergo surgery after all.

At the start of the last season, the Lakers were in no position to make the postseason. But LeBron James was adamant about helping his team make the postseason this year no matter what. Even after breaking the all-time scoring record, he mentioned, “I appreciate these personal accomplishments, but the biggest motivation is winning championships.” Moreover, he cannot sit back from back to back postseasons. As James says, “That’s just not in my DNA.” It was quite clear that even not being 100% healthy, the Lakers’ star want to win the second title with the Lakers and his 5th overall.