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Carlos Rodon, the highly rated left arm pitched, dumped the Chicago White Sox following year 1 of his two-year deal to switch to the New York Yankees last season. The pitcher was awarded a staggering six-year $162 million contract to serve as an anchor in the starting rotation behind ace Gerrit Cole.

However, things didn’t turn out as expected in 2023, as Carlos Rodon finished with a 6 plus ERA. Regardless, the 2024 season served as a chance at redemption, and Rodon proved himself by sweeping none other than his ex-team, the Chicago White, in a three-game home series at Yankee Stadium.


Carlos Rodon’s Six-Inning Start Propels Yankees To Series Sweep Vs White Sox

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The New York Yankees were up against the Chicago White Sox on Sunday for the series finale of the three-game contest. Carlos Rodon, who played for the White Sox until 2022, pitched an impressive six-inning start where he allowed two earned runs in four hits and struck out two hitters as well. That being said, the bullpen didn’t allow any more chances to the White Sox as the Yanks finished with a staggering 7-2 win to sweep the series. And Rodon was the happiest man in the dugout as he provided an opportunity for his team to win against his former team. He said facing a former team is always a big deal, and he badly wanted to beat the White Sox. 

Interestingly, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was unsure of Carlos Rodon doing deep and was contemplating pulling him out before the sixth inning. However, Rodon knew he got it, and he hence singled to Boone from the mound so that he could go in for the sixth one. “I checked the dugout and gave him a little sign, like, ‘Hey, I’ve got this. this one’s mine.’ I’m glad he left me in,” said Rodon after the game. With that start, Rodon’s season ERA has lowered to 3.27 in 10 starts. The pitcher has shown signs of a turnaround and, most importantly, has stayed healthy. In Gerrit Cole‘s absence, Rodon ensured that he would not cause any more problems for Yanks. Even after Cole eventually returns, the Southpaw will undoubtedly play a big role as the anchor of the starting rotation.

“This Feels Home,” Carlos Rodon Finally Feels Settled In New York

Carlos Rodón of the New York Yankees walks around the stadium after a press conference at Yankee Stadium on December 22, 2022 in the Bronx, New York. (New York Yankees/Getty Images)

Carlos Rodo wasn’t necessarily a fan favourite in his debut season with New York Yankees as his ERA slipped to 6.85 in 14 starts. However, the 2024 season has been a new dawn and Rodon finally feels arrived. After White Sox series sweep, Rodon said he finally feels comfortable and not overwhelmed at the Yankee Stadium.

While last year was tough as he struggled to fit in due to constant injury issues, Carlos Rodon says that now when he looks around, he feels at home. “This doesn’t feel overwhelming anymore. This feels like home,” said Rodon after the game on Sunday. Indeed, Rodon’s positive mindset is a massive sign of encouragement for the New York Yankees.

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