Akshita Patel

Decoding The New York Yankees Worst & Best Prospects Of The 2023 MLB Season

The 2023 MLB season brought in a lot of change in the New York Yankees clubhouse. The team lost a lot of veteran players to injuries which put the team’s farm system in the spotlight. For the first time in a long while, the club banked on its young and inexperienced brigade to hold the fort until the regulars returned. But to everyone’s surprise, the Yankees’ young brigade did not only hold the fort but also led the team to winning ways.

A lot of prospects from the Yankees far system received an opportunity to feature in the major league roster even with minimal experience. While some grabbed the rare opportunity with both hands, a few looked rusty and unready for the big leagues. We have clubbed together a set of three players for assessment and to determine if they were a hit or a miss.


Anthony Volpe: Just Above Par

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe of the New York Yankees takes his turn at bat against the Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium via Sportskeeda

Shortstop prospect Anthony Volpe shook the MLB world with his thumping performance in the spring. That earned him a major league cap. However, Volpe’s tenure in the major league was filled with ups and downs. The rookie had his fair share of downfalls and also a few rare instances of heroics. So far, he has hit .199 with seven home runs, 20 RBIs, and 13 stolen bases. However, his stats do not do justice to his overall performance in the field. The kid possesses impressive athleticism and has made genuine adjustments to improve his hits at the plate. Hence, overall, we consider Anthony Volpe a sure hit of the 2023 MLB season for the Yankees.

Oswaldo Cabrera: Disappointment

Oswaldo Cabrera
Oswaldo Cabrera wears a handmade necklace given to him by Milton Ramos.Credit…Noah K. Murray/Associated Press

Utility player Oswaldo Cabrera made waves in spring training which also earned him a starter’s spot on the opening day. The move led to the cold war between the former Yankees’ regular left fielder, Aaron Hicks, and the team management. Hicks did not take the snub well, as Cabera replaced him on the left. But for Cabrera, he failed to utilize his opportunity. He failed to end the Yankees left field crisis and also was unable to fill in other field positions as a utility player. His overall stats stand at .199, with three home runs, 15 RBIs, and five stolen bases. Hence, prospect Oswaldo Cabrera is the biggest miss of the season for the Bronx Bombers.

Ian Hamilton: The Biggest Hit

Ian Hamilton
Former Washington State standout Ian Hamilton delivers a pitch with the New York Yankees this season. (Courtesy of New York Yankees)

Reliever Ian Hamilton was not an active part of major league baseball for the past four seasons. Still eying his potential, the New York Yankees signed him in a minor league this season. Little did they know that Hamilton would go on to become the team’s biggest breakout of the ongoing season. In 16 appearances on the mound, Ian has pitched 22 innings and recorded a low 1.23 ERA with as many as 30 strikeouts. That’s the most among the Yankees bullpen currently. However, his dream run came to an unfortunate halt due to a groin injury. But he is expected to return soon with timely rehabilitation. Regardless, Ian Hamilton remains the best thing that has happened to the Yankees this season.