Red Bull Trio: Max Verstappen Daniel Ricciardo (Alpha Tauri Currently) Sergio Perez
Red Bull Trio: Max Verstappen Daniel Ricciardo (Alpha Tauri Currently) Sergio Perez Source: Sky Sports F1

In a captivating revelation, Christian Horner, the principal of Red Bull Racing, has unveiled a fascinating chapter in Formula 1 history. Horner has disclosed the efforts Red Bull made to keep their star driver, Daniel Ricciardo, in 2019. Almost doubling his salary and a strong desire to retain him unfolded against the backdrop of an unexpected departure. Ricciardo, a stalwart in the Red Bull family, left a team that had secured a commendable P3 finish in the 2018 standings for the uncharted territory of Renault, finishing P4 and a significant 297 points behind. Horner’s incredulous sentiments echoed the sentiment among fans: Was Ricciardo truly “taking the piss”?

Daniel Ricciardo Shocking Return To Red Bull Will Surprise You

The saga begins with Ricciardo’s growing unease as Max Verstappen’s star ascended within the team. Despite being part of Red Bull’s formidable driver lineup alongside Verstappen in 2018, the Australian driver felt overshadowed. The shadows of overshadowing loomed large, creating a sense of unease for Ricciardo within the team. Red Bull was eager to keep the affable and talented racer and extended an offer. The offer was almost matching the lucrative $10 million contract given to Verstappen.

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However, a twist of fate occurred when Ricciardo hesitated to put pen to paper. The owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, intervened, offering Ricciardo the same deal as Verstappen, a move that left Horner in shock. Meanwhile, the unexpected journey continued as Ricciardo’s path to rejoin Red Bull took unpredictable turns. Despite an initial agreement, he sought to alter the terms, reducing the contract from two years to one. Moreover, displaying unwavering determination to keep their driver, acquiesced to the modified terms. Even after a promising test session, Ricciardo delayed signing the paperwork, raising suspicions within the RB camp.

Will Danny Join Red Bull Again?

In a surprising turn, Ricciardo ultimately opted to sign with Renault, leaving Red Bull in disbelief. Horner, initially thinking Ricciardo was indulging in humor, later revealed that the decision had left the team disappointed. Fast forward to the pandemic year, and Ricciardo reached out to Horner, expressing regret for his departure. Apologizing for his decision, Ricciardo acknowledged that he had been poorly advised during that tumultuous time.

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Furthermore, as the current season unfolds, Ricciardo serves as a reserve driver for the Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri team. After McLaren dropped him, the Australian driver is set to join forces with Yuki Tsunoda for the upcoming season. Also, he harbors aspirations of reclaiming a spot in the Red Bull Racing senior squad. The question lingers in the air: Will Daniel Ricciardo rejoin Red Bull, completing his unexpected journey back to where it all began? The twists and turns of this Formula 1 tale leave fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this captivating narrative. Only time will reveal if the unexpected reunion is on the horizon.