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D’Angelo Russell Expressed His Disappointment On The Lakers Fans For Not Appreciating His Shooting Skills

D’Angelo Russell had a season of ups and downs in 2022-23. When he returned to the Los Angeles Lakers, the team was tumultuous. The Lakers were not sure if they could make the postseason. There was no balance in the team but a lot of injury concerns. Moreover, the Lakers had baggage of headaches in their mindset because they didn’t make the postseason the previous year either. That’s when the front office made some essential changes to the roster right before the February trade deadline.

It brought a humongous change in the Laker’s dressing room as new players brought a new culture altogether. Moreover, they brought balance which was missing before. Among the new players was a familiar face in the Lakers roster, D’Angelo Russell. He made his NBA debut back in 2015 for the Los Angeles Lakers. However, D’Angelo Russell was not happy with the Lakers fan’s reaction to his return this season.


D’Angelo Russell Asked Patrick Beverley About What He Can Do To Gain Respect Among The Laker’s Fans

D'Angelo Russell
(Los Angeles Lakers) D’Angelo Russell’s Flagrant Foul On Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets). Source: Jack Dempsey. AP

Recently, in Patrick Beverley’s podcast show, D’Angelo Russell mentioned that he does not understand why the Lakers Nation is not talking more about his shooting. Pat Beverley stated that the 2022-23 season could be the best year for D’Lo shooting-wise. In reply, Russell mentioned, “Yeah, I don’t understand what I gotta do. They ain’t talking about my shooting.” In the regular season, D’Angelo Russell had an average of 17.8 ppg, along with 39.6% shooting three-pointers. Moreover, he shot 46.9% from the field. However, D’Angelo Russell has not been consistent about his three-pointer shootings over the years.

Hence, if D’Lo Russell wants to get respect from the fans, he will have to improve his game in the playoffs when it truly matters. He returned to Los Angeles after a gap of six years. But it did not take him much time to become an integral part of the team. Moreover, he was winning multiple games in the regular season for the 17-time champions with his incredible shooting. However, it seems like people generally give more importance to the last game of the season. That’s where Russell failed to live up to the expectations of the fans as well as the front office.

Things Turned Worse For D’Lo

D'Angelo Russell Lakers Vs Rockets
D’Angelo Russell Lakers Vs Rockets

Moreover, the situation turned so bad that the Lakers were even planning to trade him this offseason. Albeit, they did not. Instead, the Lakers re-signed him for two years with a player option in the second year. The contract is worth $36 million. Moreover, it can be a tricky deal because the Lakers can use D’Lo for a trade package in the mid-season or later if they want.

However, it is true that D’Angelo Russell did have an outstanding season in terms of shooting. But he messed it up in the Western Conference Finals. On the other hand, Russell was the second overall pick back in 2015. He stayed with the Lakers for a couple of years, then moved on to other teams, like Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors. But this year, D’Angelo Russell returned from Minnesota Timberwolves to the Los Angeles Lakers.