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Red Bull and Max Verstappen have been enjoying an unprecedented hegemony since last year. It all started when Max won the Driver’s World Championship in 2021. Everything fell apart for Mercedes and Toto Wolff since then. Albeit, the German team had won the constructor title for the eighth time in a row in 2021. However, the last year saw the former champions lose their grip on the title miserably. They have been in no position to fight for the title since last year.

Ferrari has won a race this year, and McLaren’s Lando Norris has been absolutely brilliant in the last seven races. Sir Lewis Hamilton could not beat Lando’s pace in several races this year. However, McLaren’s Norris knows that they can’t beat Red Bull this year because the RB19 car is way too fast. But McLaren can sure try to challenge Red Bull next year.


Red Bull Must Be Wary Of Lando Norris & McLaren In 2023


Lando Norris has outscored Red Bull’s Sergio Perez since the Austrian Grand Prix. McLaren introduced their first major upgrade in the Red Bull Ring circuit. They have not looked back ever since. The McLaren’s progress is still a wonder of the season, as they scored a mere 17 points from the first eight races. McLaren has been through a lot of struggle in the last few years. They displayed their technical weaknesses since they changed their engine partners from Honda to Renault in 2018. Later, they recruited Andreas Seidl as team principal in 2019.

Moreover, the new team boss pushed for Mercedes engines and also to a new state-of-the-art wind tunnel. Adding to that, Seidl pushed for a new simulator for a driver-in-loop situation. But the new state-of-the-art wind tunnel should have a big impact on the McLaren car in 2024. It should take a huge step forward in terms of technology and convenience. Hence, McLaren must expect a better deal than the Toyota Motorsport facility in Germany. The McLaren team has been relying on the facility in Germany for over a decade. Albeit, McLaren must be the biggest threat for Red Bull next year. But still, fans expect the Austrian team to lead the way. 

Mercedes Can Loose Its P2 Position To Either McLaren Or Ferrari

Lando Norris Lewis Hamilton McLaren Mercedes
Mercedes McLaren Lando Norris Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

Moreover, Mercedes has been struggling with the car in the cost cap era. But Red Bull has been unstoppable. The Austrian team has won 32 races since last year. They won 17 in 2022 and 15 so far in 2023. Max Verstappen has won 28 of these 32 Grand Prix victories for Red Bull. No team or driver has been through this level of dominance in the history of the sport. But there has been a rise of a new challenger for the title this year, and it is not Mercedes.

It is the old horse McLaren that displayed superb progress in the last seven races. Moreover, McLaren is the second most successful team in the previous seven GPs this season, only second to Red Bull. The Milton Keynes team secured 246 points in the last seven races. On the other hand, McLaren has secured an impressive 143 points, way more than Ferrari and Mercedes. Hence, the Silver Arrows are in deep trouble to secure their place in P2 this year.