Anthony Davis & LeBron James
Anthony Davis & LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

The Los Angeles Lakers missed their chance to confirm the sixth seed in the Western Conference table. The loss against the derby rivals cost them their direct playoff chance, and they now sit in 7th position. Although purple and gold have been one of the best in the league after the trade deadline, people still lack faith in them.

The record of 41-38 is proof that the team and the front office have redeemed themselves of the mistakes they made in the last two years. But there are some people who have a hard time trusting their process. Colin Cowherd, a very influential media personality, spoke harsh words about the Lakers. Keep reading to know what he said about the team and their performance this season.


“You’ll Pass The Test, But You’re Not A Student,” Colin’s View On The Lakers

Anthony Davis vs Clippers (Los Angeles Lakers) Source : MARCA

It is evident that the Lakers waster the start of the season when they should maintain a decent record. And as they approach the end of the season, they want to cram about winning everything. It is quite unreasonable and childish, said Coherd in the interview with the Herd. He said, “The Lakers have been cramming for this playoff test for the last two weeks.” And for this, they have played the players who have not even recovered. According to him, the number one concern is their old guy played too much, and the always-hurt guy can’t play back-to-backs.

The superstar duo continues to play in pain of the injury they sustained during this season. Colin mentioned that “They’re playing through pain.” And there is nobody who would deny that the Lakers are pushing extra hard. And to that, Coherd pointed out, “It’s impressive. I do not think it’s terribly sustainable.” The team could not keep pushing at the expense of their players. However, Cowherd also believes that his perception will completely change if Davis manages to remain healthy.

It is true that Anthony Davis is one of the crucial parts of the Lakers, and his absence could not be filled. But the injuries have got the best of everyone on the team’s roster this year. But as of now, the team stays lies on the seventh position. And their priority would be to climb up further for a direct qualification with two games in hand.

LeBron James’ Reaction After The Game Against Clippers

LeBron James led the Los Angeles Lakers. Source : CNN sports

The 38-year-old, as usual, did everything in his power for his team. But neither schedule helped them, and nor are injury problems in the team getting any better. “Whatever we end up, that’s where we end up,” said LeBron James. It has been like this because the injuries have troubled them a lot in these last two years. And this there was the icing on the cake in the form of back-to-back games.

On the contrary, James delivered a performance of his stature despite all the circumstances. He scored 33 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists to help his team. The Lakers will now look for the last two games of the season to be a successful win.